Friday, March 31, 2006

The Green Fairy

Once, many, many years ago, at the start of my career as a party girl, I spent a blurred and hazy weekend in Windsor, Ontario. It was a beautiful summer day, and I was about 19 at the time, I think. Early one saturday morning in July, I ran into town to the local feedstore and bumped into the store owner's daughter- K. Back in high school,K. attended the public schools altho she was catholic like me, she attended catechism classes at my school, so we were friends. Especially after she dated my ex-boyfriend M., she was really cool about the whole situation back then, he treated her badly. M. and I had a nasty break-up, I was not ready for a serious relationship(even tho he had an awesome car!).Besides I just wanted to live every day like there was no tomorrow, partying and having fun was what I was all about, I did not want a boyfriend tagging along on every little adventure. So, M. and I went our seperate ways, but he still professed undying love for me up until a few years afterwards. So, when K. started dating him, I wished her the best, he really was a nice guy, just too nice for me! K. complained about his hang ups regarding his relationship with me. After awhile, that was the end of them. So I was happy to bump into her on that hot summer morning. We had lost touch after graduation, she went off to modeling school somewhere down by Detroit, I went off to college. We got to visiting and she invited me over to her parent's Lake house, so since I was off work for a few days with time to burn, I zoomed out to the Lake. We hung out for awhile until she received a call from one of her 'down state' boyfriends, he invited us to a concert in Windsor. She asked me if I was game, Of course! I am sure I shouted. Her Father threw us the keys to his Deville and off we were, with a side trip to my house to pack a small bag and let it be known I'd be gone for a couple of days. My best friend L. assured she'd look after my horses (she was dating a preacher's son that summer).

We picked up K.'s BF in Farmington Hills and crossed the border thru the tunnel. We made excellent time ( it was a long tip to Detroit from our starting point) until we got lost in the city of Windsor. After a couple of confused hours, we made it to our destination late that night, promptly changed into party clothes and sped to the bar. We were treated very nicely by the band (K.'s BF brother was thier manager/promoter) and had free run of the backstage, I can recall. We were in one of the dressing rooms just sitting around on funny beanbag chairs visiting, when a green colored bottle appeared and tiny silver glass. I was offered a taste, of course I was already into Jose Quervo heavily by this time of the night, so I questioned what it was. I was told it was Absinthe. I tried a taste of the murky liquid, it was bitter going down but the effects were strong. I tried the little silver glass once more and declared enough for me. It had an effect that is similar to alcohol but stronger in a happy, feel good kind of way. I have heard it compared to the street drug ecstacy but I have never tried the drug so I have nothing to compare. We then attended an after-party in the nicer part of the City, where the band lived. We whooped it up until daylight when we made our way back to K.'s BF brother's small apartment and crashed for a few hours of sleep. One of the band members, he was a tall, blonde haired, sinewy muscled fellow with kind, bright blue eyes, had given me his phone number. At that point in my life, I only took numbers and never gave out my own. I cannot recall what instrument in the band he played, nor his name, just that he was a gentleman and not offended when his advances were rebuffed. He had tons of groupies with thier tongues wagging out of thier mouths, I had decided I was not going to fall into thier catagory. I do remember finding his number inside my wallet when changing bags late that same summer and giving it a toss. I had not given him another thought until I saw this ad below:

Aside from alcohol, Absinthe contains a number of different psychoactive substances. Among these thujon is of major importance, a substance released by the wormwood plant, known under the name artemisia absinthium. The effects of real Absinthe can be mood brightening, stimulating even euphorizing......

entire ad at the link:


Rodeo, the only sport that gets you off in 8 seconds or less. - Unknown

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Severe Weather-under the gun today

From the weatherman on our local news, it looks like Oklahoma is in the severe weather threat today. But, after one resides in Oklahoma for atleast 1 spring, a person (one with any sense!) can almost predict a stormy day on the horizon. Today we woke to gusting winds, low clouds, and air dripping with humidity. Since a dry front is on its way, it is going to clash with this weather hovering over Oklahoma, causing the potential for severe storms, tornados, and damaging straight-line winds. So, Ive spent a better part of this morning tying everything down that might possibly blow away in the event we get hammered this afternoon/evening. My little one, who is being a monster today (guess hes feelin' better) is taking a snooze, when he wakes-its back to business.
I am working on something I had hoped to post today, but other chores take precedent. My draft is just going to have to wait-dammit! 2 poems I really like:
Just before the sun is setting
A time, when it is, romantically grand
I ride my Beautiful White Stallion
Along the silver sand
.It helps unfold my Passion
That was once, open and wide
Like, racing along the edge….Of an oncoming tide.
Love has always evaded me
Call it, Kismet, Fate, .. also
Destiny, all have had their play with me…But … I hold no hate.
I have a tender heart always
Yet it grows wild and wide
As I race along the sands,….
On the edge, of an oncoming tide.
My stallion is a beauty ….Knows just how I feel, ….
Forwe both know, at the slow, setting of the sun.
It’s time to gallop, and release in fun,Passion, as beautiful as, the setting sun.
By Lily M Price

I Have a Dream (By Emma Massey)
I have a dream from when I was small.
A dream I thought would help the world.
And to be as successful as I am
Never once came into my mind.
I have a dream.
To help horses in needAbandoned, neglected or mistreated.
I would help them all.
I have a dream.
And as I grew older,I realised how much needed to be done.
Although it was hard I carried on.
I have a dream.
A driving need to protect them.
So I provided a place of safety.
The Mare and Foal Sanctuary shall it be called.
I have a dream.
Rescuing horse is what we do!
Care for them and loan them out.
Where they can be loved once more.
I have a dream.
To carry on this good work.
Giving horses another chance in life.
Showing them what love feels like.
I had a dream.
To look after mistreated horses.
And it has come true!
It may not be a big thing,Compared with the world.
But to me it’s huge!
Emma Massey 12

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Cloned Horses Banned, A Rescue, & An Evil Woman

March 29, 2006 - Yesterday members of the Oklahoma House Government Reform, Agency Oversight and Administrative Rules Committee approved an amendment to ban cloned horses from competing in races sanctioned by the Oklahoma Horse Racing Commission.The proposed language amends House Bill 1058, co-authored by Sen. Cal Hopson D-Lexington and Rep. Jari Askins D-Duncan, which concerns the appointment of members to the Oklahoma Horse Racing Commission from redrawn congressional districts.The amended bill was approved unanimously in the House committee which then recommended it to the full House with only one dissenting vote, cast by Rep. Terry Harrison, D-McAlester, who voiced concerns about whether the amendment violates anti-trust legislation..................Rest of the article here:
As much as I love my horse, the old guy who is going to be 27 yo in a week, I would never consider cloning him. There will never be a horse of his caliber (personality wise)- even a clone. Besides, when I even think about cloning animals, for some reason, I think about 'Pet Cemetary' and Church the Cat. Some things in nature are better off left alone.......
Rescuers use sling to extract 32-year-old horse from muck in West Boynton
West Boynton FL · At age 32, the horse that proudly presides over a 3-acre lot with two miniature donkeys again proved that he is a survivor.Cyboy got up on his own shortly after firefighters pulled him from a ditch full of muck Tuesday afternoon in the grassy back yard of Ron and Polly Armstrong's house........
Rest of the story here:,0,7248454.story?coll=sfla-news-palm
Stories like this are great to hear about. I am sure Cyboy is thankful to those firemen that pulled him from the muck, but not as thankful as his owner. As an owner of an older horse, I know they need a little bit extra TLC in thier older years. A situation 10 years ago he might have been strong enough to get himself out of.......
Norman woman ordered out of horse business for abuse
NORMAN, Okla. A woman in Cleveland county, pleaded no contest to animal cruelty charges has been ordered to get out of the horse business. Melinda Robb was given five years probation on each count, ALSO can have NOTHING to do with horses during the next five years.
Robb charged, when 15 sick, starving, nearly frozen horses were found on her property by animal control officers in December 2005.
Entire story here:
What an evil, nasty woman. If she could NOT care for these horses, she should have given them to someone who could! I think her GREED played a huge role in this whole situation. At least she can NEVER be in the horse business again, an appropriate part of her sentence. Too bad our Govt' cannot do this when parents abuse/neglect thier children!
No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle. ~Winston Churchill

Horror in Tulsa: 10 yo Girl's body found*UPDATE*

This is the picture of Daniel Johnson who police have arrested for the murder of Elizabeth Wagoner. More updated info at bottom:

UPDATED at bottom

Picture to the right is the 10 year old girl, her name has NOT been released-only a photo to help generate information from possible witnesses....

Last night about 7 p.m. a man was dumping trash into a dumpster at 21st street and Sheridan. When he approached the dumpster he witnessed a late 80's white aerostar mini-van and a white male, approximate 30's, slender build, dark-haired, driving away from the area. The witness looked to see what the van had left, it was a 10 year old little girl's body wrapped up in carpet/blanket (unsure of the details). He notified police.

The little girl, who's name is not released yet, had gone for a walk after school. She was a student at Hoover Elementary and lived less than a mile from where she was found. Here is what a Tulsa Police Officer had to say:
'these are the ones that make you sick.'
I'll UPDATE as news is made available. Nothing can be heard on TPD scanner on this case.
Entire story here:


Police have arrested a 28 yo white male from the 2700 block of S. Hudson just now. The white van was stopped by TPD on interstate 44 near the BA (Broken Arrow)expressway. A woman was driving the van. Police obtained a fingerprint from inside the van that matched a fingerprint from the ducttape on the girl's body.

Does the woman driving this 'van' live in a freakin cave?!?!! this story has been plastered all over the news, Nationally as well! Some people.............More updates as they sadly come my way.

updated news here:

More about suspect:

TPD right now is executing a search warrant on Johnson's home which is about 1 block form Elizabeth Wagoners. This piece of human sewage is married but seperated from his wife (she was driving the van used in the homicide, that police stopped earlier today) and the FATHER of 2 children. TPD is also questioning Johnson's wife at this time.....they had better! because, how did she NOT know? This has been all over the news, the description of the van and driver! Kudos to the witness who found Elizabeth Wagoner's body and noticed the details of the suspect..leading to TPD arresting the suspect and hopefully the DEATH PENALTY for this piece of filth! entire story here:


Johnson was booked into the Tulsa County Jail today on first-degree murder, first-degree rape and kidnapping. Authorities say he is cooperating with their investigation. Well, he by God had better-sick piece of filth! Also he is held on $84,000 bond and has drug charges pending from this arrest. Personally, I feel this scum does not deserve bail. I cannot imagine the horror Elizabeth Wagoner's parents are going thru right now. When something like this happens (which it NEVER should) the person responsible should be dealt with in the same manner they used on thier innocent victim. At least Oklahoma has the Death Penalty-something I support whole-heartedly. From this scum's charges, he is a certain DP candidate. Whole story here:


3/30 I just heard on the early morning news Johnson has confessed to the kidnap, rape, murder of 10 yo Elizabeth Wagoner. I havent found a newslink yet but they sure enough said iton the TV. Sick POS, Ihope he is still eligible for the DP and didnt cut a deal to confess-sick creep!

This little angel was an outstanding student and kid in general. What a horrible loss!



murder suspect confesses:

Van used in murder stolen from TPD:

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Derby News

Latest Derby News:

it is all about the MONEY.............
No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle.
~Winston Churchill

Haunted Oklahoma

The unknown or paranormal has always interested me. So, I thought you might be interested in some haunted Oklahoma places I have seen, and others I hope to visit one day soon. I wanted to make a little road trip and snap a couple pics of Green Eyes, The Constantine Theatre, Haunted Hill in Bartlesville, but I am unable to at this time because my wee one isint feeling real good. So, for now I'll make do, but soon I hope to post some pictures of the places I have mentioned. Here's some fascinating places:
Bartlesville - Haunted Hill (this is also referred to as negro gap)- When you drive to the base of the hill, turn the car off and put it into neutral, it moves up the hill on its own. It is believed that there where some black men that were hung years ago will push your car up the hill.
Directions to haunted hill : Take Hwy. 11 going north past the airport, follow to highway. 75 north to Bartlesville. Follow that road for like thirty minutes and then you will se a tractor place on your left. Turn left after it. Go straight for like 3 miles or so. You will go over a bridge and then railroad tracks, keep going straight. Then you will come to a "Y" in the road, the "Y"'s street sign will say GAP ROAD just go straight until you come to a curve that curves left. Don't take the curve, turn around and go up a few feet. When you turn your car off, put it into neutral, you'll feel your car moving slowly up the hill.
****Some people in the area that investigated this phenomenon say this might also be cause from some type of gravity disturbance or magnetic field. Whatever the cause-Ive been there 2X and it does happen! Its kinda cool in a freaky way, its best to go in the daylight.

Claremore - Rogers state college (I went here last fall when I picked up some college texts) An old Indian man is said to walk the campus at night. A cadet from when it was a military academy who died in a hazing prank supposedly haunts the now TV station. A janitor that worked in the Baird hall at 1 time, heard footsteps coming up the stairwell at night several times when they where alone in the building, and in the radio station building another janitor heard a toilet flush in an empty bathroom.

Crescent - Indian Springs Its the burial grounds of indians,houses are now built on it,but at night if you sit outside you can hear indians beating their drums.

Pawhuska - Constantine Theater cowboy ghosts make the sounds of a bar room fight. Also let it be noted, when a Pawhuska High School class a few years back was renovating the theatre for improvements-they discovered underground tunnels and secret passageways that reached to the First National Bank. Ive been inside many times, never noticed anything odd.

Pawhuska - Bird Creek School -There is a school off in the woods behind lake bluestem it is an old one room school house that was used for Native American children in the early 1900's but the chalk board is still in-tack and it is said that if you enter and write you name on the board and come back at a later time that your name will be scratched off the board. I am not sure about the chalk board instance, but I did know an Old Osage Indian who attended school back when it was open, he said it was haunted then. I have been inside, just had an uncomfortable feeling, never noticed anything odd. We didnt have any chalk, so we could not do the 'name' experiment.

Pawhuska - Green Eyes The story behind green eyes is unclear nobody really knows what happened but it is rumored that a man went crazy and drove his car that had his 2 children and his wife over the bridge and they drowned. Also, Ive heard an Osage Woman who was a witch was killed in this area of the creek for being evil. If you go over green eyes bride at midnight and turn off your lights you will see two green eyes and when you turn on your lights to see what it is there is nothing there. My friend L. and I might have witnessed something strange-but we are not sure because we had just left a party (we were just recently 21 and whooping it up) so it might have been Jose Quervo playing a trick on us! Regardless, this is right near the Bird Creek School and the whole area in itself gives off a creepy feeling-daylight OR dark!

Pawhuska - Lookout Mountain There are little people that live around the mountain and it is said that if you go up there and disturb the grave they chase you. Chief Lookout and another Osage Indian are buried on top of this huge hill, the Osage Peyote Smokehouse is at the bottom. One spring a rancher I know leased some land around the mountain, I was working along with his son and we rode up the mountain and viewed the graves, nothing unusual happened-except our horses were fidgety.

Pawhuska - Pizza Hut The Pizza Hut Ghost has haunted the pizza hut in Pawhuska for many years. The rumor is that before it was a restaurant that it was a house back in the 40's and a couple in their mid 20's lived there and then the man go drafted to WWII and he never returned. The house was torn down in the mid 70's after it had been vacant for years after the woman died and made into a place of business at times you can see the lady sitting looking out the window waiting for her husband to return from war there has been times that 40's style swing music has been heard over the jukebox and no disc is playing and she has been seen moving around the building in a night gown and sometimes she will move dishes. I've ate in this establishment many times, nothing odd happened.

Ponca City - Poncan Theatre This theatre is one of the oldest buildings in Ponca City. People have reported hearing footsteps when nobody else is present, seeing people who disappear quickly afterwards, and classic ghost stuff like that. In the basement, some people have reported hearing the beating of an Indian drum nearby. Also, there is a stain in the ceiling that closely resembles blood. People have made every effort to remove it: washing it, painting over it, etc. But it always comes back after a few days.

Sand Springs - Postok Cemetery Balls of light move about in the cemetery and in the woods behind. Warm and very cold spots all over. This is an old cemetary, when I visit I am taking my camera because others have told me orbs are in every picture you take here.

Skiatook - Witch's grave This location is an old late 1800's and early 1900's grave yard called Hillside cemetery marked by an historical site marker. It is known that a witch in the early 1900's is buried there. Many disturbing things have happened on and near this location. Talk of demonic possessions and alternately the destruction of lives to those who disturb the witch's grave. The Death of a young teen-age boy in the mid 70's that wrecked his car at a very near by bridge is known to walk the roads around the cemetery. From Skiatook take Hwy 11 north to Hillside Rd. Turn east stay on the road it will be on the east side of the road just past the curves. I have driven past this place once, I was not comfortable stopping, kinda creepy!

Tahlequah - Indian graveyard The old Indian cemetery in Tahlequah is a constant source of strange occurrences, sightings of apparitions, and just plain spooky feelings. Tahlequah is the capital of the Cherokee nation, in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains, and is where the sad trail of tears episode in American history finished up...where a quarter of the displaced Native Americans died on the forced march. In the cemetery you immediately feel you are being observed, weird unfilled graves will appear and be gone, sobbing and strange winds are common, and for some reason a dark man dressed in 1930's clothes will sometimes be times angry and giving chase to visitors at night. I have not visited this place, but hope to soon.

My forefathers didn't come over on the Mayflower, but they met the boat."
- Will Rogers

Cheltenham Racing, The Bad Side Of It

A Very Bad Day
Five horses died on a single day of the famous Cheltenham Racing Festival last week, making it the worst racing day for horses in a decade. Charity group Animal Aid claims Cheltenham is the most hazardous course in the world and that 375 horses are raced to death in the UK annually.(Dave Shopland, SIPA Press)
Anyone ever having rode a horse at a gallop knows the strength of a powerhouse on 4 legs, nothing can achieve a high like riding a fast horse at a full out gallop. But, to ride a horse at full pace in a race with other horses within inches or less over jumps as high as 6 ft, and on unsturdy footing? Crazy and suicidal, for both horse and rider. Sure, in my younger years, L. and I raced all over the countryside on our much loved horses, over streams, fallen trees, ect.. Soaring over even a small obstacle on a horse can make a rider feel like they are flying, but it is not worth endangering your life and your horse's life to be first at the finish line. I understand these animals are trained athletes and strong competitors, but to lose 9 horses in 1 race week-something is DEAD wrong, in my opinion.
This year (2006) alone at Cheltenham 9 horses were killed. Fatalities are inevitable when the ground rides fast and half ton animals are hurling themselves over 5-6 foot jumps at a break-neck pace. Speed kills. Why were so many horses many killed? It demands an investigation.............

As the wind swept over the saddle, it turned to a mixture of bright colors and painted the world.- Ronan Warriors

Monday, March 27, 2006

This Horse Can Run!

This is a picture of Gulchrunssweet and jockey Alfredo Juarez Jr.

At the $100,000 Mount Cristo Rey Handicap at Sunland Park Racetrack, 6-year-old bay gelding, Gulchrunssweet sped to his third consecutive win in 49.83 seconds, breaking Bold Liz's 34-year-old track record at 4 1/2 furlongs in the process. WHEW! Anyone familiar with horse racing and the track knows this horse is rocket powered. Gulchrunssweet's win came from just off the pace, where he was behind, he let the 2 top contenders wear each other down during fractions of 21.74 and 43.99 seconds. This horse was purchased 3 months ago for $20,000 and has won $380,000 to this date in 38 starts. That was $20,000 well spent! Lets hope Gulchrunssweet's career lasts long and he is as successful as his talent promises.


If anybody expects to calm a horse down by tiring him out with riding swiftly and far, his supposition is the reverse of the truth.- Xenophon

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Lost Faith.......

Last night, when I finally laid my exhausted head down on my pillow, I was awake for sometime. As I listened to my better half's deep and steady breathing, I felt myself relax as I reflected over the day gone by. It was by far the best day of the week. The weather was perfect and we all took advantage of it. I spent a good hour of quality time with my old guy, gave him a good grooming. But the best part of the day was my hour long phone conversation with my best friend L. We have been playing phone tag all week and yesterday it took 3 calls but we finally hooked up. When I hung up the phone, I realized how much I dislike the fact that we are so busy we hardly have any time to just 'hang out' anymore. I vowed to change this on my behalf, since she has to work, my schedule is more flexible than hers.

Last week, I had 3 people ask me if I was attending mass at the Catholic Church. I suppose it being Lent and all, and being raised and schooled Catholic, some might expect I attend. But, those close to me know that is not likely to occur anytime soon.

I was a practicing Catholic when I was younger, over half of my life. I would not call myself atheist -- agnostic is probably closer -- but I've definitely had a shift. Life lessons have taught me that there is a way to retain spirituality (of a sort) without adhering to dogma. More than once, I've noticed that some Christians have a vastly different concept of Christianity than mine and were (excuse the sweeping unfair generalization) often one-sided jerks really made me rethink my identification with that group. Values are important, and I have a myriad of Christian beliefs and some that are regarded anti-Christian. A few of my beliefs: I believe strongly in the death penalty, abortion is a woman's choice (as long it is not utilized as birth control), and I am not against euthanasia in some instances. Where do my values fit in with Christianity and Catholicism? They don't. Hypocrites run rampant in religion. I refuse to agree with certain beliefs when inside my heart, I cannot change the way I feel. Life is not fair, but in the Bible it is stated numerous times God is 'just and fair'. If God created life, why isin't it fair? Then the answer to that question is: the story about Adam and Eve. Buying into all of the symbolism and rituals is difficult for me, I am an analyzer, I like scientific methods and finding out 'how' and 'why'.

Believing in God, Heaven, and the Afterlife is important for children. I am raising both my sons to believe in God and adhere to the 10 Commandments. Both are baptized Catholic but my oldest attends the Assembly of God for thier unique and interesting Youth Group. He doesnt like the ritualistic Catholic Mass, but at the same time he thinks all the shouting and falling down at the Assembly is silly. My main concern is he is learning good values, I could care less what denomination it comes from. When my children are grown adults, they can make thier own educated decision about thier own faith. My husband (thier father) is a not devoutly religious either. I know he says prayers and thank's God everyday for the good things, but church isint high on his priority list. People nearly fall over form shock when they find out Preacher M. at the sizable Baptist Congregation in our home town is my husband's oldest brother. Preacher M. is loved at his church, probably because he doesnt put on airs (like some preachers) and he comes from a salt of the earth background. In many ways I can see where my husband (S.) gets his spirituality. This is the only area in our relationship I have ever felt inadequate-I am not as 'deep' spiritually or as 'deep' with my feelings-making me feel I am cheating him. Writing these blog entries are about as deep as I get.

Most likely, I'll keep on wondering about my faith, and learning more, possibly changing how I feel. Who knows? It is a great mystery.

I have to add one more thing-from all the latin classes I had in my 12 year parochial schooling made college Latin a breeze! I still think up little latin quotes inside my head at times. Some of my favorites:

absit invidia: no offense intended
Cogito, ergo sum: I think, therefore I am
Fac ut gaudeam: make my day
Flocci non facio: I dont give a damn
Illud iterum dicere potes!: you can say that again!

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Stable Fire

Stable fire kills 2 dozen horses
Items compiled from Tribune news servicesPublished March 25, 2006
UPPER FREEHOLD, NEW JERSEY -- A fast-moving fire swept through a wooden stable at one of New Jersey's largest horse farms early Friday and killed all two dozen horses inside, including 12 foals less than a month old.The fire at Perretti Farms apparently was caused when an electric line that keeps water in the wall-mounted troughs from freezing ignited a center stall about 1 a.m., police investigators said.The wooden building, piles of hay and petroleum-based wood varnish quickly fueled the flames, said state police Detective Dave Yusko.
There seem to be a lot of horses lost in fires in the news lately. It is one of the worse things that can happen to a horse owner, your horse is locked inside his stall, trapped in an inferno, unable to escape.
At the age of 8 or 9, I used to have the same nightmare repeatedly. Sitting here I can remember almost every part of it. My horse is locked at the end of a huge barn inside a stall with a wooden door, the latch is bolted shut. The barn is on fire, I run down the aisle opening up stall doors but my horse's stall gets further away. I usually woke up about his point, but when I do, I remember I started the fire because I put the water tank heater on a bale of hay by accident and someone else turned it on. Stressful dream for a little kid! I have not had that dream since and hope to never do again.,1,1593500.story?coll=chi-newsnationworld-hed&ctrack=1&cset=true

Friday, March 24, 2006

Serial Killer in Daytona Beach*UPDATE*

A serial killer is stalking the Daytona Beach, FL area. 3 murdered women have been linked to 1 killer. LaQuetta Mae Gunther, Julie Ann Green, and Iwana Patton were shot execution style. Gunther's partially clothed body was found in an Alley on North Beach Street on 12/26/06. She was laying in a fetal position. Green was found dumped at a construction site on 1/14/06 off of LPGA Blvd. Patton's body was discovered in a wooded area near Williamson Blvd. and Mason Ave. Nothing else has been released about all 3 crime scenes. Police have said each of the women lived a "high-risk" lifestyle but would'nt go into details. Records show that Gunther was arrested for prostitution in 2004, Green had several drug arrests, and Patton had been arrested on a misdemeanor battery charge.

From various news articles it appears thier friends on the streets believe the 3 women knew thier killer. Here is what 38 year old veteran prostitute Sandra Parker, said "The person who killed these women is someone they knew, they would not get in a car with just anyone because they had their regulars. They were cheap regulars, but they were regulars."
Parker who has been a prostitute for 25 years along Ridgewood Ave has earned her name "Queen Bee". Parker said none of the prostitutes who work on Ridgewood Avenue, including the three victims, would leave the area with a customer seeking sex.
"They all do it (have sex) around here," she said. "That's why I'm almost sure that these women had sex here in this area, were shot, and then the killer took the women and dumped their bodies."
A resident who remained anonymous, lives nearby on Cottrill Avenue agreed with what Parker said. He pointed out the several areas near his residence where prostitutes take their customers. Vacant lots strewn with beer cans and bottles, makeshift beds and filthy pillows and cushions.
Now theres another woman missing in the Daytona area. Police are worried she may be the 5th victim. Teresa Mills has been missing since monday when she left her home on foot to search for a waitress job. A Daytona police officer found Mill's purse hanging on a dumpster in a vacant lot and called a phone number inside and Mill's roommate answered the phone. Mill's has a history of drug abuse but has been clean for 1 year. No history of prostitution.
Earlier this week, police warned there could be another murder victim. The first three women were killed toward the end of each month, December, January and February. Now, it is near the end of March. Mill's friends are fearing the worse for her well being.
Some things are strange, I thought, inregards to this serial killer. One, the execution style shootings. Very impersonal, not the norm for serials. Two, if the killer is known to the victims (especially a regular customer), why did he murder women he knew? In Mills case, nothing says the serial killer snatched her, but if he did, is his MO escalating by taking a woman (not a prostitute) off the street?
The police are seeking a man for these murders but have not given out any other details. DNA was not mentioned. I feel some type was obtained as evidence because they are calling the killer a man. They may have linked the murders thru the firearm. For whatever reason, Law Enforcement has a concrete reason to believe the killer is a man. Which makes me assume some male DNA possibly obtained from one or more of the victims.
I certainly hope Mills hasnt fallen victim to the killer. Maybe she went on a binge and spun herself out, or hooked up with a boyfriend.
Hopefully the ladies of the night in Daytona are prepared and watching each others backs. Look how long Ridgeway's killing spree went on for.....
Mills has been located safe, but in a crack house on a drug binge. She admitted to throwing away her own purse. Entire story here:

What Big Teeth You Have

Today I was doing my usual morning search of the news and came across a few interesting articles. One that caught my eye was about a Florida alligator who roamed around a gated community and knocked on a person's door. The eight foot bull alligator came from a pond behind Lori Pachelli's house and banged on her door. She had walked her cocker spaniel earlier and thinks it may have followed her home. Trapper John French came and caught it. He said it is the start of the alligator breeding season, so he expects a lot more calls of 'displaced' alligators. How cool to have John French's job! Maybe a bit on the dangerous side, but I bet he never has a dull day at work. Hmmm, wonder how much it pays?

entire story:


An infectious disease doctor was killed last sunday in Botswana, S. Africa when a crocodile pulled him into a river from his canoe. 68 year old Richard Root was the founding chief of the division of infectious diseases at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine in the 1970s. His wife, in another canoe, witnessed the attack. Dr. Root was riding in a dugout canoe when the croc thrust from the water, snatched him by his shoulders and neck, and pulled him under. Dr. Root's remains were recovered this past tuesday morning.

From the pictures I viewed on the net, Dr. Root was not a scrawny man. I also noticed no mention of killing the killer croc either. So, I would assume a killer croc is still swimming about in the same river waiting for another chance to snatch a human?

entire story:

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Texas Executes Another Piece of Filth

You just have to LOVE Texas. Last night was thier 6th execution of this year with 2 more sceduled this month.

They execute murderer's in Texas, ones who have NO business ever being free in our communities again. For example: see this pic I have here? This is Robert Salazar, jr. This loser beat his girlfriend's 2 year old daughter to death because she was crying. Since what I really want to put into words about this human scum might shock some, I'll try to do it tastefully.
27 year old Salazar was executed last night for his awful crime. These are his exact final words: "I am sorry that the child had to lose her life, but I should not have to be here," Robert Salazar Jr., said.
"Tell my family I love them all and I will see them in heaven."

Heaven-ha, wishful thinking!

He doesnt sound sorry to me. So it was the innocent toddler's fault he beat her to death and now HE was being put to death? What a creep, he cannot even take responsibilty for his actions even tho it is proven he murdered Adriana Gomez in 1997. Rusty Ladd, the pathologist who worked with the Lubbock County DA's office to prosecute Salazar said Adriana suffered injuries inflicted by Salazar's violent rage worse than auto accident victim's suffer. Ladd also said he had never shed tears over a victim like he did over Adriana's case. Just for the record, I googled Ladd and as a pathologist, he has been involved in investigating some nasty homicide cases in the state of Texas. I care not to think of what Adriana's autopsy report stated. At least little Adriana's awful murder has gotten justice. Now, what about her mother? Why was Adriana even allowed around the creep, Salazar? Is the mother in prison for not protecting her child? Where are these mothers who's children are beat to death, molested, abused, by thier significant other? Some may think I am being too hard on the mothers of these abused and murdered children, but I feel I am not. As a mother of a 2 year old I would never leave my son alone with someone I did not know and trust fully. I was the same way with his older brother. It is called being a responsible parent.
Yeah, Ive been a bit blog happy these last few days. But, I was away from home darn near a week, and unable to post. Then upon my return we had 5 days of rainy weather which gave me tons of puter time, but now since our Oklahoma weather has taken a turn for the better, I'll be outside a lot more!

Who is Shooting Horses?

Just a bit ago, I came across 2 news articles in different states where horses have been SHOT. WTF? What is wrong with people? Yesterday, I was at the parts store and overheard on thier scanner a possible shooting of a horse in the Fairfax area. Nothing in the news today, either in the paper or up at our town's only cafe where you get a bit of gossip served up with your grits. Most of it is credible because our Sheriff deputies love the biscuits 'n gravy there, so they are in there every morning.

Here are the 2 articles I found:

If my horse were to be gunned down or shot by accident, I am certain I'd be spending some time in jail. My old guy is a part of this family and in a sense one of my kids. Now I do not feel like such a fool while during deer season, Scooter and I are trussed up like a neon billboard in hunter orange on our trail rides! The sad part is, we never venture onto someone elses land or where hunters may be. Now, do not get me wrong, I am a hunter, member of the NRA, and so on. It is just those idiots out there who have no business owning a gun, let alone running around in the public with one. They give us hunters a bad name.

There are only two emotions that belong in the saddle; one is a sense of humour and the other is patience.
- John Lyons

2 Boys Missing in Milwaukee **UPDATED**

UPDATED at bottom

Milwaukee, WI two boys, ages 11 and 12, who were outdoors playing vanished on Sunday, 3/19/06. From news reports its states that Quadrevion Henning and his friend, Purvis Parker, were doing what all boys at thier age do, playing outside. They asked for a bit more time to play and were allowed it, but when dusk came and Dre (Quadrevion) did not return to his Grandfather's home, his family became alarmed. They searched for him without any luck, then returned home and called police a few hours after Dre did not come home at the specified time. Also, Dre is living with his grandfather because his father's Army Reserve Troop was deployed to Iraq in 2003. His father has since returned to Huntsville, Texas. Dre's grandfather also has said that Dre was only allowed outside within a 2 block radius, if Dre could not see his home, he was too far, a rule he fully seemed to agree with.
As the mother of a 12 year old boy, I am under the impression that boys thier age are adventurous but at the same time, they have developed some decent decision making skills. From all counts about these 2 boys, they are well liked and seem like pretty good kids. Someone would have had to lure or physically snatch them to keep them away from thier families for this long. My own son, as grown up as he likes to think he is, still is young enough, he wants to be at home with his father and I.
It is always a possibility these boys just 'took off' on thier own accord trying be independant and do thier own thing, that is not unheard of. However, from all counts in the news, these 2 kids come from fairly stable families and are good students liked by thier teachers. I also, as a mother of a 12 year old boy, know for a FACT, teachers do not like trouble makers. These boys seemed to be doing well in school and not having an behavior problems.
There has been a reward offered in the amount of $17,000 hoping someone saw something and will come forward. Money is a huge motivator regardless of the situation at hand, I hope this works.
And...someone seeing something is NOT always the case. Lots of things, especially CRIMES, happen and not one person witnesses the act. All it takes is seconds.
"(AP) MILWAUKEE Searchers planned to bring in more tracking dogs Thursday and increase the search area to help find two Milwaukee boys who disappeared while playing outside Sunday and haven't been seen since."We absolutely don't have any information about where they would be and why they would leave of their own accord," police spokeswoman Anne E. Schwartz said Thursday at a news conference. "We just simply don't know where they are."They planned to expand Thursday the search area outside the 100 square blocks they had been concentrating on, she said. Police also planned to bring in tracking dogs from northern Illinois......."
entire story is here:
I am optimistic tho, the FBI is setting up a mobile command unit to help find these 2 boys. The Feds have all kinds of methods to find people that our usual Law Enforcements do not have access to. This is great but it can also mean there are some things that are NOT being released to the public. These kinds of things are what nightmares are made of. I truly hope the latter is not the case.
Here is the information as stated at the Natinal Center for Missing and Exploited Children website:

Endangered Missing
DOB: Sep 26, 1993 Missing: Mar 19, 2006 Age Now: 12 Sex: Male Race: Black Hair: Black Eyes: Brown Height: 5'4" (163 cm)Weight: 110 lbs (50 kg)Missing From:MILWAUKEE, WI United States
Companion DOB: Sep 20, 1994 Sex: Male Race: Black Hair: Black Eyes: Brown Height: 5'0" (152 cm)Weight: 120 lbs (54 kg)
Quadrevion and Purvis were last seen on March 19, 2006 at approximately 3:30 p.m. playing basketball. They have not been seen since. Quadrevion was last seen wearing a blue hooded sweatshirt and black jeans. He was also wearing red, white, and blue shoes. Purvis was last seen wearing a white t-shirt and gray jogging suit.
The panic that grips a parent's or grandparent's heart when thier young one does not come home on time is crippling, no matter how long it lasts, minutes to hours. On more than one occassion, my oldest son, who is normally very punctual, has been late or misunderstood the time he was expected home. These very few times have nearly sent me to the hospital in a fit of panic. When he was found fine and unharmed, I was not sure whether I should hug him or whip him. We live in a very rural area with very little crime, but the chance of something bad happening, accidental or foul play is always there. I cannot imagine the fear and terror inside these 2 boy's loved one's hearts. I can only hope they are returned or come home on thier own accord safely.

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children1-800-843-5678
Milwaukee Police Department (Wisconsin) 1-414-935-7401

Police have announced this case has now became a criminal investogation-meaning they believe a crime has been committed. Doesnt sound good for these 2 boys. It seems as tho one of the boy's father has been arrested and held on a probation violation. Not a lot of info in the news about the guy. If I have the name correct (not sure, so I cannot post the info for liability reasons!) but this dude has a record, numerous drug charges AND convictions........also word around the sleuthing boards is there is a NO SNITCH policy amongst the kids in the neighborhood and Law Enforcement is seeking a few kids because they believe they know something. Could the 2 missing boys have been snatched because of a drug debt/deal gone bad?
Heres the latest:

News about Purvis Parker's father being held:
**UPDATE 4/15*****************
Two decomposed bodies were found Friday night in a lagoon where searchers have looked for two Milwaukee, Wisconsin, boys who disappeared nearly a month ago, police said.
entire story here:
The 2 bodies have been identified as Quadrevion Henning, 12, and Purvis Parker, 11, and they had drowned reported Dr. Jeffrey Jentzen of the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner's office. No foul play was involved.
entire story here:

The Ass-H*le Award Goes to...

Sometimes people really suck, like this guy:

Published on Thursday, March 23, 2006
Letter: Why not let surplus horses be slaughtered?
"Let me in on this debate. People all over the world eat horse meat. I thought a number of times when I was in the military I was eating horse meat and monkey meat, too.We have forced horse slaughter plants to be closed in this country. Why? Because animal rights people don't like it. There is a great market for horse meat. We eat cows, goats, sheep, hogs, deer, antelope, elk and buffalo. What difference does it make? Lewis and Clark were glad to eat horse meat and, at times, the only thing better was dog meat.Now I wouldn't be complaining, but we taxpayers are paying for the support in feeding these BLM horses which nobody wants. We have to control the amount of horses because of overpopulation, just like the buffalo in the park. It's called overgrazing. People who have pet horses have an idea of what it costs BLM taxpayer horses to feed (Feb. 22 Gazette article).Heck, let's get this horse meat on the market. Perhaps I will try a steak or two."

Jxxxs X. XouthXorth


Obviously, J.O. does not have a clue about horses. Jerk! Feeding/caring for 1 horse costs less than feeding/caring for 1 large dog. Maybe he better do a little bit of research before shooting his mouth off.


My hubby is sooooo off the ass-h*le hook this morning, he has been replaced!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

My Beef With The Racing Industry

In the past I have been on the warpath about our Nation's Wild Mustangs being slaughtered and our Govt's casual way of treating the descendants of America's first horses. Well, tonight I am on the warpath against people of my own kind, horse people. Do not get me wrong, for the most part, we horse people are responsible and loving equine owners but there is always that handful of few that intentionally mistreat thier horses. Today I am putting the horse racing industry in the hot-seat (next week it may be the Saddlebred bunch, so no bashing). I like thoroughbred racing and usually watch the Derby every year, anticipate a Triple Crown winner. My heart rate probably jumps up into stroke mode when the thundering hooves race towards the wire at lightening speed. Horses do not get much more 'competitive' exciting than this scenario to me. But, not all horses are successful at the track. I once owned an appendix registered quarter horse, ole Streak was bred from some real winners, money winners, he ended up in my hands after leaving the track because he was not fast enough, and also after he was trained as a damn good roping horse. A person could head or heel off of him, he was pretty much right on and a bullet outta the box. Ole Streak just inherited the thick bones and cowsense in the teeney bit of quarter horse blood he had in his pedigree. But, he still had that thoroughbred moodiness that could, at times, make him a down right pain in the ass. The only reason I tolerated that was because this horse could work all day long and not tire, literally.
Okay back to the TB (thoroughbred) industry. Many ex-racehorses that arent successful or become injured end up in slaughter. I really hate horses being slaughtered for any reason. Sure, I understand that some horses, for humane reasons, need to be put down. But, I feel slaughtering horses for thier flesh is just plain wrong. Feed your dog chickens, dammit! I copied this from the article I posted below:

The AVMA (American Veterinarian Medical Association) does not classify horses as livestock. Horses are classified as companion animals, just like a dog or cat.

Heres an opinionated article I found earlier today that puts my feelings into perspective from another horse owner's view, a horse owner who SAVED a good horse from slaughter. Scroll down to the middle. Read it and weep....


Somewhere...Somewhere in time's Own Space There must be some sweet pastured place Where creeks sing on and tall trees grow Some Paradise where horses go, For by the love that guides my pen I know great horses live again. ~Stanley Harrison

The Babysitter: Oakand County MI Child Killings, a Cold Case

As a kid growing up in the seventies, I vaguely remember hearing about the child killer in the Livonia, MI area. The only real memory I have about this case is from watching a news clip on T.V. during a cold and drab wintery day in Northern MI. My parents and I were sitting in our living room. I am fairly certain I had out my treasured Breyer Horse Collection, play galloping on the brown nylon carpet, since this was something I did everyday when I was about the age of 7. After the clip aired, my mother instructed me about 'not talking to strangers' from her perch on the couch next to my father. At my tender young age and fairly protected upbringing at the time, I wondered why someone was so 'bad' that they went around kidnapping kids and then killing them. Years later, I learned the truth of why someone so evil would snatch and murder an innocent child.


This cold case is in the news today 3/22/06.

SNIPPET"A 60-year-old man turned down a plea deal that would have sent him to the prison of his choice, anywhere in the country, in exchange for telling all he knows about the Oakland County child killings, his lawyer said Tuesday."END SNIPPET

Here is the link:


Lawson was brought back to MI for a murder trial. (this is unrelated to the child murders) Lawson was given a life sentence in Wayne County Circuit Court on 3/21/06.
It appears the DA's office has been chasing down new leads this last year regarding the unsolved child murders. Half of these 'decent' leads have come from Lawson's jailhouse interviews with police. Lawson worked as an informant for Detroit Police around the time of the murders, he informed on the pedophile rings in the Detroit area. Lawson has NEVER been convicted of any kind of pedophile charges..... Police also state that Lawson once called the father of one of the murdered children years ago. Lawson told this father he (Lawson) knew who the killer was.

Now, this creep who is not fit to breathe, has clammed up and is not cooperating with solving 'The Babysitter Murders". Too bad MI doesnt have the Death Penalty anymore-but that is a whole other subject!


The Babysitter: an overview of the cold case.

Possibly one or more child-killers stalked Oakland County in Michigan during the years of 1976-77. Authorities are positive of a connection in the deaths of four victims:

  1. Mark Stebbins, 12, was abducted in Ferndale while walking to his home on February 13, 1976. His body was found in a parking lot 6 days afterwards, his corpse cleaned. Stebbins had been sexually assaulted and smothered to death. Something to note about Stebbins body being found- a business man walking through the parking lot of a local shopping mall discovered the body, but hours earlier a man who regularly walked his dog in the same exact area at 9:30 a.m. swears Stebbins body was not there earlier the same day. Also, Stebbins body showed he had been bound for a prolonged period of time.
  2. Jill Robinson, 12 was abducted on December 12,1976 in Royal Oak and her body found in Troy the day after X-mas. No sexual assault was evident and the girl was killed by a shotgun blast, she had also been scrubbed clean before being dumped. Noted: Robinson received the 12 gauge blast as she lay in the snow where she was discovered on the edge of I-75 outside of Troy.
  3. Kristine Mihelich, 10, vanished in Berkely on January 2, 1977, and her body was found 19 days later in Franklin Village by a postal carrier. Mihelich's body was dumped so in a manner that it would be found. The body was at the dumping location for less than 24 hours. Her body had been cleaned after her killer suffocated her death, like the others. No signs of sexual assault.
  4. Timothy King, 11, went missing on March 11, 1977 in Birmingham. He was found dead in a ditch near Livonia with his body scoured clean, his nails manicured(unusual for this boy), and his clothes washed and ironed. King was also sexually assaulted before death. His body showed signs of being bound for a prolonged period of time and he was given a meal of 'fowl' before his murder. *one witness, a lady who was loading groceries into her car saw King talking with a man driving a blue Gremlin car, with a hockey stripe down the side on the night he disappeared.

The press gave a name regarding the odd signature of the killings. They called the unknown perpetrator "The Babysitter" due to his post-mortem care of the victims, also the perp/perps cared for the children for days before murdering them, cleaning them, then dumping thier bodies in a somewhat sick display method out in the open.

Other killings that occurred in the area at the same time have been linked to the Babysitter killings. Cynthia Cadieux, 16, was abducted and beat to death on January 15, 1976. Missing from Roseville, she was discovered nude in Bloomfield Township the next day. Just five days after Cadieux's disappearance Sheila Shrock was raped and shot dead at her home in Birmingham. Jane Allen, 13, was murdered by carbon monoxide poisoning after accepting a ride in Royal Oak and was found in Miamisburg, Ohio, on August 11, 1976. The 1972 slaying of teenager Donna Serra in Ray Township has also been mentioned as possibly being connected to these murders.



At the beginning of these horrible killings, there were almost 300 working this case on The Michigan Child Murders Task Force. Every lead was followed. There were a lot of suspects but I am only going to mention 3. These 3 are the only solid suspects that I feel could possibly be connected to this case.

David Norberg: an anonymous tipster called this lead in. This suspect matches the composite drawing of the man King was last seen talking with. Norberg also drove a car similar to the Gremlin mentioned. In 1981 Norberg was killed in an auto accident. In 1989, his wife, who gave Norberg an alibi, recanted. She also contacted police stating she had found a necklace that belonged to Mihelich in Norberg's belongings. A cross pendant with the name 'Kristine' inscribed. After this information came forward, police exhumed Norberg's body and did a DNA analysis against a single hair that was found on King's body. The DNA did not match but Norberg is still on the suspect list.

A Mount Clemens man, who's name I have not been able to obtain yet, allegedly confessed to the killings but not too long afterwards committed suicide.

Reverand Gary Berthiaume, a Catholic Priest, who was serving in the Farmington area at the time of the murders. 3 tips were called in regarding him. Berthiaume was ultimately cleared but for the record: in 1978 he pleaded guilty to sexually molesting 2 boys in his Farmington church and spent 6 months in jail. The Reverand was then sent to Cleveland, OH where he was accused of more molesting, he was then moved to Chicago where he is still there today. It sounds to me like the good Reverand is a repeat offender. I wonder how extensive the investigation into his involvement in the Babysitter killings really was....


A mother speaks out

Deb Jarvis, a Petoskey resident who works in the News-Review's circulation department, is the mother of one of the four children who were abducted and slain in Oakland County between February 1976 and March 1977. She is the mother of Kristine Mihelich. This new news brought forth regarding the decade old murders has brought her both pain and hope. Since her daughter's murder, she has divorced and remarried, moved to Northern Michigan where her new husband retired. Jarvis says she has never given up hope in catching the creep who killed her child. You can read an article about Jarvis here:


I am optimistic that these unsolved 'Babysitter' murders can be solved. With new forensic techniques and up-to-date DNA testing, I feel it is only a matter of time before the truth is known. I am leaning towards the theory of a single perpetrator in these murders, but that there are others who know about the killings or played a small part in the abduction part. Lawson holds a key to many questions, ones that need answers. Lets hope he answers to Law Enforcement before he answers to his maker.

"carpe diem"

seize the day

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Missing, Teresa Lynn Butler

Back in January of this year, I came across a news article of a missing Missouri mother. Since MO borders my home state of Oklahoma, I read it. This is a snippet of the article below:

Authorities seek missing woman
"According to New Madrid County Sheriff Terry Stevens, Teresa Lynn Butler, 35, was found to be missing from her home near Risco around 10 a.m. Wednesday, when her husband, Dale Butler, returned from work at a steel mill in Blytheville, Ark.
Stevens said Butler arrived home to find his two young children, ages 2 and 4, alone in the family home on County Road 241, also known as Eight Ditch Road, just off Highway 62 on the outskirts of Risco. The youngest child was awake and in his bed, while the older child was still sleeping, Stevens continued.
"There were no signs of forced entry and the only items found to be missing were a video game console and the stereo from his [Butler's] vehicle," said Stevens. She is described as five feet, seven inches in height, weighing approximately 109 pounds, with brown eyes and hair"............

Butler's case was in the news at the end of last January '06. Her story caught my eye because here is a loving mother of 2 boys, ages 2 and 4, who disappeared during the night, leaving her children home alone in thier rural home. Butler has no previous documented 'behavior' or 'instability' issues. She is also employed at Wal-Mart in Dexter, MO in the photo department. It appears Butler lives in Risco, MO population around 392 but commutes to Dexter for work. Something got my hinkey meter up-up enough to post her story and this news article at a websleuthing forum on 1/28/06 immediately after her missing persons case hit the media. Some facts into her disappearence are kind of unsettling. Here is an outline of information that I have gathered from the news, from other missing persons sites, and from a little internet sleuthing on my part.

  • Someone close to the investigation has said police were called to the Butler home by Teresa's sister-in-law on the morning of Jan. 25. Officers found no forced entry into the home, no blood and a number of items missing. Butler's purse that contained her digital camera is missing, as well as a video camera and her cell phone.
    A big Mag-Lite flashlight that was kept on top of the hutch is gone. The stereo from the Jeep a gone, as well as previous gaming electronics already mentioned.
  • Police took some things with them when they investigated: Butler's wedding rings, which Dale Butler said his wife removed every night before bed, and a few furniture covers. Police also obtained a lock from the couple's home. The tip of a key was broken off in the lock.
  • A former co-worker of Butler's has stated that Butler sometimes complained about telephone calls she received at work from Gary Dale Butler's former spouse. Gary Dale Butler's ex-wife, who also was employed by Wal-Mart, but worked at the Kennet, MO store, called Teresa Butler several of times, and that Teresa was upset by their conversations. Obviously, thier conversations were not 'Wal-Mart' related.
  • I also learned the ex-wife has been remarried but her husband filed for divorce on January 20th, just 5 days prior to Butler's disapperance. Connection? Maybe...Maybe not.
  • Risco is located in Southeast Missouri and Maverick Tube where the husband works is in Blytheville, Arkansas and is about 100mile or more drive.
Butler's home is near the intersection of two paved roads, with the No. 8 drainage ditch just across the single-lane street. Here is what the Sheriff said about the ditch:
"We didn't actually drag the ditch," the sheriff said. "We floated it.
"The 8 ditch is pretty well maintained with a low level of water in it," he added. "We feel pretty confident that if she was there, we would have found her. We floated several area ditches there around the Risco-Malden area, and east of Risco, also. We ran four-wheelers up and down the ditch dumps, and through all the fields and field rows. Flew an airplane. Flew a helicopter. Some private people ran some horses, but they were not under my guidance. We brought cadaver dogs in. Nothing."

Law Enforcement does feel foul play may be involved at this point.

Sheriff reports state Butler's sister-in-law gave police a statement about her last conversation with Teresa. The investigating officers cannot divulge the contents of her report.

Also let it be noted that Butler's father, Don Buchanan, a retired farmer, said his daughter was married to a Gideon man at an early age, and that Gary Dale was married to a Bootheel woman before marrying Teresa. Teresa allegedly told a family member she had met Gary Dale Butler while working at a Dexter factory, that he was separated from his wife, and the couple had a young son.
Teresa's father has said many times he has his own suspicions about who might have been involved in his daughter's disappearance. The ex-wife? The ex-wife working in cahoots with someone? Either scenario is a huge probability. I feel like this is NOT a random act of crime, or a predator who stalked Butler, or a deranged Wal-Mart customer, chances of these scenarios are slim. After all, we are more likely to be hurt or murdered by someone we know instead of a complete stranger. But, I do buy into the ex-wife's involvement.
This is a very puzzling case. I hope Butler is found, unharmed and can return home to her 2 little children. These kids need thier mother. From all accounts in the message boards, forums, and even the news, Butler is the kind of person one likes to 'just be around', upbeat and usually smiling. Here is a great site for Teresa Butler made for her by her loved ones who really miss her and need her back home. Please check it out!


"The time is always right to do what is right" - Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Race Is On

The race is on for The Kentucky Derby. My favorite is Corinthian. This horse is a handful, a handful of talent and a handful of tempermental horse! Despite Corinthian's hot-headed and rude behavior before a race, he keeps winning, which tells you how talented this colt is. He was scheduled to make his first start of the year in the Aventura Stakes, but was scratched when he threw a tantrum in the gate, sustaining several scrapes. Corinthian takes after his sire, Pulpit, who was known to lose his cool before a race. But he also seems to have inherited Pulpit's talent, and with two straight wins, he looks ready to mark himself as a decent Derby contender. Who said difficult horses are not any fun?


Here's todays updated Derby Dozen per

Steve Haskin's DERBY DOZEN
Updated Mar. 21, 2006
Will keep him in the top slot by the slimmest of margins only because he was there before. He’s obviously the horse to beat in the Santa Anita Derby, but still want to see a bit more; he’s had it pretty easy so far.
Rebel was a powerhouse, almost freaky, performance. He continues to improve despite having run at least once in every month for the past nine months. How long can he keep going? He did drift out noticeably in the stretch.
He threw a shoe in the Tampa Bay Derby and it obviously affected his performance. He was bottled up in traffic early, tossing his head around, and then was spinning his wheels on the far turn. Loses nothing in defeat.
His running style is what you look for in a Derby horse. He makes the same run at the same place every time, and it’s the place where most Derbys are won. He needs only to straighten out his head to instill confidence.
Similar to Bluegrass Cat in that this was a good learning experience in a race he could afford to lose. Got hammered at the break and was taken out of his game plan. Made a strong wide move and got a bit tired late.
San Felipe was more like it. He showed what he’s capable of when he’s able to relax. It was only a question of getting him to use his talent without fighting his riders. Now he just has to prove he can do it consistently.
He’s still a bit lazy and immature and requires a lot of encouragement. He was being pushed hard a long way out, but he does keep coming and should get better with maturity and added distance. This was a big step forward.
There isn’t much to say about him until the Blue Grass. Now that he’s had his slight regression coming off a blazing sprint debut he has to start moving forward, and needs to look like a Derby horse in the Blue Grass.
It’s difficult not putting an undefeated graded stakes winner higher, but he still needs to answer some major questions. Even if he wins the Florida Derby, will he be toughened and seasoned enough to overcome two layoffs?
Lack of competition is the only question, and we probably won’t know how good he really is until Derby Day. But with his consistency, versatility, and toughness, he’s going to be tough no matter who he runs against.
He ran the same kind of race First Samurai did in his two-turn debut. The 1:07 3/5 in the Hutcheson, combined with his being taught to relax, dulled him a bit in the Gotham, but he tried hard and gained a lot of experience.
His fourth in the San Felipe was a huge step in the right direction. Coming off six-furlong races, he fought hard between horses and never quit. He’s bred to stay and he’ll be farther back next time. Could peak on Derby Day.

I will not change my horse with any that treads but on four pasterns...When I bestride him, I soar, I am a hawk. He trots the air, the earth sings when he touches it, the basest horn of his hoofs is more musical than the pipe of Hermes...When bestride him I soar, I am a hawk...

~ William Shakespeare

Monday, March 20, 2006

If Wishes Were Horses.....or......Horses were Wishes.....

My dream horse costs as much as my car. But, I really really would love to
have a Friesian horse. They are spectacular horses. One cold February day about 6 or 7 years ago, L. and I were in Wichita for the Equifest at the Coliseum. This is where I first laid eyes on these magnificant beasts and fell in love with the breed. These horses have a gentle temperment that is as lovely as thier physical beauty.

The Friesian Government (Netherlands) has made many regulations in order to safeguard good breeding. During the last two centuries it has been bred pure This breed of horse dates back centuries to medieval times.

The name of the Friesian breed originates from “Friesland” (“Fryslan” in the Friesian language), one of the eleven provinces of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, situated in the northwest of Europe. History's date it back to 500 B.C. The Friesian horse was first imported to North America in the seventeenth century but the breed was totally lost in North America due to crossbreeding. The Friesian was not brought back into North America until 1974. There are about 31,000 Friesians registered worldwide in the Dutch Friesch Paarden Stamboek. Approximately only 2,000 of those horses are in North America.

Friesians are used for all types of disciplines. From a great companion family horse for trail rides to eventing, dressage, and harness. I have noticed that these horses are stunning under any kind of saddle. They look great in western saddle (my pref) and elegant under a dressage or english leathers. Friesians appear as collected frolicking in a pasture as they do under a saddle and in a bit. This is my favorite way to view them!

Last fall, sometime around Thanksgiving I think, I explained to my better half (the one who makes all the $$) my desire to purchase a Friesian. He had three questions:
1. what about your horse? he'll be SO JEALOUS, you cant replace him!
2. do they finance? surely they do, its a $25,000 horse!
3. when do you start your new job to pay for your new horse? dont forget to find and pay a babysitter!

Of course I would never replace my old guy, he is a horse I will never sell. He is my baby. But, he is going to be 27 in about 1 month. He is in super health and looks great. The old guy's arthritis is managable but we still keep even our trail rides an easy go for him. I would like to get another trail horse soon, just to trail ride, no roping or showing. It takes awhile to find that 'certain special' horse that you can easily make a connection with. And another thing, I would like something different than an Quarter Horse, a horse a bit unusual, especially where I live in AQHA country..................

The Vacuum Smells Strange.....uhoh and some other cool news.

Today is Monday, designated house cleaning day-ick! Since Oklahoma has been receiving all of this wonderful rain, my floors are a mess. My least favorite household chore is vacuuming (also unloading the dishwasher, too) I really dislike vacuuming-but I hate dirty floors even more.
About 2 years ago when our little one was starting to crawl everywhere at about 6 months old, I became really obsessed with keeping our floors clean, everyday. I was constantly tearing up our ancient vacuum, then asking my hubby to fix it. He can fix anything-literally, if he has time, he can fix just about anything. Since my dear hubby is always working, we went out and bought a new vacuum, one hubby was sure I would be thrilled to use. The vacuum he picked out is a name-brand one with all the extras, kinda fancy for vacuum, but it declared to tackle any carpet dirt with awesome strength. Well, I wasnt impressed. I would have been impressed if it had a mind of its own and took itself out of the closet daily, swept, changed its own hepafilter thingy, then put itself away and outta sight. But no.....
So, today I am vacuuming, using the hose attachment as instructed for all large objects ect, when this burning (nasty) rubber smell starts emitting from the vacuum. It could only mean one thing-burnt off belt. Yep, sure enough. The 2 year guaranteed belt burned off right at about the 2 year mark, talk about perfect timing! Luckily, hubby came home for some lunch and while eating his turkey sandwich and left over potato pancakes, he replaced my vacuum belt.

Heres some interesting stuff in the news that caught my eye:

Oklahoma #1 in tornado damages..
It looks like since 1996 Oklahoma is #1 in tornado damages. My great State has suffered 1.6 billion dollars in damages. Check out the news link:

Child murderer Andrea Yates husband remarries..
Wow, it appears Rusty Yates has gone on with his life after his (now ex) wife drowned thier 5 children. Rusty Yates was remarried over this past weekend. Well, I certainly wish him the best.....lets hope this wife doesnt become 'mentally ill' either because obviously Mr. Yates is oblivious to all of the symptoms of someone allegedly 'suffering' from a mental illness. I still feel this man knew what was going on inside his home but refused or just did not give a rats ass to do anything about it and save his kids. More at link:

Burn Ban lifted in Oklahoma
Oh yeah, I am firing up the grill as I type! I can taste that steak now, yummy. More at link:

Man severs own penis in a fit of rage, then hurls it at the cops
This guy needs some psychiatric serious help. He should be worried that his little wanker might not ever work properly again....entire story at link:

Wild Horses are Coming to Waterloo, Iowa in April
80 young Mustangs and a few burros are going to Waterloo for adoption per the BLM. What a great opportunity for the people in Iowa to adopt a Wild Horse or Burro. I hope the turnout is huge. Entire story at link:

Oklahoma Couple Win $1 million
How cool is this? An Oklahoma couple from Foss Lake has won 1 million dollars by matching 5 of the 6 powerball lottery numbers. They are now gong to be able to purchase the building that houses thier bait shop. See, people REALLY do win the lottery. I am happy for them! Entire story at link:

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Sasquatch: Real or Myth

Native Americans have always regarded Sasquatch, also known as Bigfoot, with respect. Bigfoot is an upright walking, hairy, human like creature that lives in our forests. Most Tribal Elders feel Sasquatch is 'special' because of his closeness with the Human Race. Some Native American Tribes consider Sasquatch a 'messenger' or a somewhat 'psychic being'. When Sasquatch appears, or there is a sighting, some Native Americans feel he is sending a silent message from Mother Earth that things need changing. Others feel he may have 'psychic' powers and knows when Humans are searching him out and is able to hide or Sasquatch chooses who he allows to see him. Is Bigfoot psychic? Or does Bigfoot, being a wild animal, just have strong instincts and sensory perception? If his sense of smell is as strong as a dogs, he can easily elude people.

Here are some undisputed facts about the Bigfoot / Sasquatch mystery:

  • For more than 400 years people have reported seeing large, hair-covered, man-like animals in the wilderness areas of North America.

  • Sightings of these animals continue today. Real or not, these reports are often made by people of unimpeachable character.

  • Over seventy years, people have been finding, photographing, and casting sets of very large human-shaped tracks. Most are discovered by chance in remote areas. These tracks continue to be found to this day.

  • Cultural histories of many Native American and First Nation peoples include stories and beliefs about non-human "peoples" of the wild. Many of these descriptions bear a striking resemblance to the hairy man-like creatures reported today.

Check out this footage:

The Patterson footage shows a dark hair covered figure with large muscles quickly walking away from the camera. This occured in October of 1967 in a remote, unpopulated mountain valley near the California/Oregon border.

There are other videos: The Freeman footage and The Memorial Day footage. I was not able to find an uplink to view the footage.

Some recent sightings:

  • April 2005 in Alberta Canada, north of Stony Plain on hwy 16 a man and his 13 year old daughter were traveling towards Edmonton when an animal came out of the bush by the Highway, on the right. Here is the man's recount of what happened:

" I was watching it carefully to see if it was a deer and had others following it. It was the size and shape of a large chimp. It was light brown in color and was moving with a two armed swinging motion. I was concerned enough that it may be an animal not meant to be loose, that I called a fish and wildlife officer. He was convinced that it was a bear cub. I have seen many bear cubs running and this was very different. It was much faster and there weren't the large paws that you would see with a bear cub. We watched as it crossed ahead of us towards the north and did not see a tail (even a tucked one)."

  • January 2006 a British Columbia family on a nature outing observed what looked like a group or family of Sasquatches near the Similkameen River in South Okanagan Valley . Here is thier story:

"The first encounter happened last summer. My family and I were on another family outing in the Cawston, B.C. area. We had travelled to this spot once before, and thought we would go for a walk again in the same area. After we had finished our walk, we were coming back to the truck, and I noticed four black objects standing in the Similkameen River. Two were standing and it looked as though the other two were bent down drinking. I said "What is that?!", and the rest of my family and I watched these things move around in the water. The only thing we could say for sure due to the distance (roughly 300 meters) was that they were all completely black, and they looked huge. It's funny, I've often wondered how people guess that something is so large when it's far away, but trust me, it's really obvious. We wanted to get a better look, so we hopped in the truck to try to drive around to get a better view. We couldn't find a spot , so we turned around and returned to the original location. They were gone. We were excited, but we had nothing concrete, so we just kind of chalked it up as something we MIGHT have seen.The next incident happened last monday (Jan.02/06). We went for another family drive, again looking to do a little hiking. We passed through Keremeos and turned off to go up the Ashnola toward a camp that is there with a provincial park strewn with trails. we pulled off not very far from the main road, and the minute we got out of the truck, we heard screaming coming from the forest. I have shown my son screams that are reported to be sasquatch on the internet, and right away, said "That's like the sounds on the internet!" I totally agreed. We stood there frozen as we listened to this freaky sound. I wanted to investigate, but my wife would have none of it, not with two small kids. So the got back in the truck ,and I headed off down the trail to try to get closer to whatever it was. Just as I start, suddenly, I hear "BEEP,BEEP,BEEP....." [car horn] my wife either was freaked out and did it on purpose or she really did do it by accident, but either way, the howling stopped immediately. I went back to the truck, and told everyone it was a coyote. My wife bought it, but my son didn't. He said "That didn't sound like a coyote." So we went to leave, but I thought we could go down the road in my truck as I hadn't been there before, and wanted to see where it went. We had gone about a quarter mile, when I could see footprints in the snow in the middle of the road. I stopped to check them out. I could'nt believe what I was looking at. They had to be twenty inches long and roughly 8-10 inches wide. The first thing I looked for was stride length, and it was large. The tracks were old, but totally convincing when we had just experienced such a strange noise coming from the forest. "

  • Windsor County Vermont, 2005 Columbus Day weekend, a family on a weekend outdoor outing see a creature cross the road. They were traveling off Rt 100 outside of Ludlow Vermont. This road crosses some very heavily wooded, desolate areas. Here is thier story:

"My family and I went to Ludlow, Vermont for Columbus Day weekend since we enjoy the northeastern woods.We all enjoy observing the local flora and fauna in their natural settings and we often drive and/or walk the back roads looking for deer, moose, bear and whatever else we can spot. One evening we went "Moose Spotting" on Tyson Road since during a summer trip to the same area, earlier, we had observed eight moose in one evening.As we drove along Tyson Road I saw a large bipedal form cross the road in two strides. I asked one of my daughters, "Did you see that? Tell me what did you see." I purposely didn't say what I'd seen since I wanted to know if she'd seen what I'd seen. I wanted to be sure I had not imagined it.Very quickly she said, "I don't know what it was but it was real big, maybe eight feet tall, hairy and crossed the road in two steps."She saw the same thing I did. It crossed the road about 50 feet ahead of us and judging from the trees where it crossed the road I'd say her height estimate is accurate +/- 20%.My other daughter didn't see it since she was in the back seat and was looking out the side windows of the car.I still don't quite believe it but I know what bear, deer and moose look like in natural settings since I've been hunting for 40 years.It wasn't anything I had ever seen in the woods. It walked across the road in two strides, was heavily built, covered in short dark hair and, as stated previously, approximately eight feet tall.One more thing. The day before, we had driven the same area, didn't see anything at all, no fauna at all, but we did hear some very odd vocalizations that sound very much like the recordings available on BFRO website.


My Sighting? I cannot write about other's sightings without telling my story. In the summer of 2003, in Northern Michigan, I accompanied my youngest nephew T. and his friend Phil out looking for Elk. It had gotten dark and we were on our way home leaving the edges of the ceder swamp in the Pigeon River State Forest, when we spotted something on the right side of the dirt road. A large upright dark form ran down a good sized slope out of the woods to the edge of the road and then just as quickly disappeared into the thickest set of trees on the same side of the road. It acted as if it had changed its mind about crossing the road and ran back into the swampy area. This was all viewed with the pick up trucks headlights. Prior to seeing this incident, we had been chatting about some everyday nonsense. We immediately became silent. I was sitting in the front passenger seat and I turned around and looked at Phil who right away asked me "Did you see that!?!??!!" I thought maybe my mind was playing tricks on me, I was about 4 1/2 months pregnant at the time and well, being preggers can make a girl a little crazy. Anyhow, I told Phil I had seen it also. T. was driving and he said he saw a huge shadow like shape but he was watching the road because we were rounding a corner. We voted against turning around and checking it out. I have to admit, Phil and I were kinda creeped out, and it takes A LOT to creep me out. But, we analyzed what it could have possibly been, it was not a bear. If it was a black bear, it was a massive one running on 2 paws! To this day we still joke about our 'sighting'.


When my best friend L. and I were in our mid to late teens, we coon-hunted often. We even ran our dogs out of season, we just did not carry any firearms or kill any racoons. As 2 young girls, we were fearless. We trampled by foot behind our dogs thru any swamp, forest, and on more than one occassion, corn field. Plenty of times L.'s dad accompanied us on our night hunts. We learned everything about coon hunting with hounds from him. Not once did we ever experience anything 'strange' during our night outings. We also used to load up our horses and go for long trail rides in the Pigeon River. We covered many miles on and off the trails. We would run with elk, see large amounts of white tail deer,a few badgers, all kinds of wildlife. But, nothing odd was ever experienced on one of those many rides.


Some Bigfoot History and interesting stuff:

  • The first sighting of a Sasquatch by a white man apparently came in 1811 near what now is the town of Jasper, Alberta Canada. A trader named David Thompson found some strange footprints, fourteen inches long and eight inches wide, with four toes, in the snow.
  • In 1924 cccording to a Canadian lumberjack named Albert Ostman, he had been prospecting near Tobet Inlet when he was captured by a family of Bigfoots. The father and daughter guarded him while the mother and son prepared the meals. The family was vegetarian and ate roots, grass and spruce tips. After about a week Ostman was able to slip away. He didn't tell his story to anyone till 1957, fearing people would think him crazy.
  • Interest in Bigfoot began to pick up in the United States in 1958 when a bulldozer operator named Jerry Crew found enormous footprints around where he was working in Humboldt County, California. Crew made a cast of the footprint. A local newspaper ran the story of Crew and his footprint with a photo. The story was picked up by other papers and ran throughout the country. It was the picture of Crew holding the "Bigfoot" that made the name stick.
  • In Skamania County, Washington, it is illegal to kill a Bigfoot under penalty of $1,000 fine and five years in jail. The Sioux Indians, who called Bigfoot "Taku he", have forbidden hunting of him on their ground.
  • Glenn Thomas offered a story that might explain the creatures feeding habits. Thomas was walking through the woods when he spotted a family of Bigfoots in a clearing. They were digging through a pile of rocks and eating the small animals they found underneath. (Mostly woodchucks and marmots) Investigators returned to the spot later and found some 30 holes dug. Some of the boulders shifted weighed 250 pounds.


Whether Sasquatch is real or a myth, it is very interesting to hear about. I like reading/learning about the strange and unknown, but at a distance! I also find it fun to try to debunk theories and mysteries. So, I have really enjoyed writing about Sasquatch. My oldest sister J. is a very much down to Earth professional but she likes Sasquatch stories. So, I had her in mind when I wrote this piece, in fact, I wrote it for her.

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