Thursday, August 31, 2006

Counting Crows

Daylight Fading
By Counting Crows

One crow means sorrow,

Two crows mean joy,

Three crows a wedding,

Four crows a boy,

Five crows mean silver,

Six crows mean gold,

Seven crows, a story thats never been told.

When I was a little girl, I'd guess about 6 or 7 yo, my Grandmother taught me this poem. She also gave me a small book of poems and the Crow poem was inside of it. I have no idea who wrote it. Ever since I first learned this poem, I cannot see a crow (or a raven) without reciting the poem. Alittle bit OCD huh? Anyhow, today I saw 5 crows 2X. Maybe Ill be winning the lottery this Saturday! As far as I am concerned, it is a GOOD omen.

Today, I had some whitetails in my pasture.....dont they know it is deer season soon? I smell venison.............

Earlier today while I was at Indian Health Services (IHS) with Wee One waiting to give his MD's nurse some medical and insurance papers, I over heard a young woman's mother lecturing about her and her husband allowing their toddler, who I guess as the same age as Wee One, sleep in their bed. The young woman finally explained to her mother that after their daughter was asleep, that either she or her husband put their toddler into her own bed for the night. And, sometimes their daughter fell asleep in their recliner, then was put into her proper bed for the night. She stated this in a a-matter-of-fact tone of voice and her mother shut up, thankfully. Both of my boys as infants slept in my bed, a lot. It made it easier for middle of the night feedings because both of my boys had hearty appetites as babies, they ate A LOT. They were both bottle fed, so hubby shared in the middle of the night feedings sometimes. We never had any trouble getting either one of them to sleep in their own room. Wee One still needs to be asleep, but he'll sleep in his bed until morning. He sometimes also will voluntarily on a rare occassion to take his afternoon nap in his bed too, those times, he just lays down and goes fast to sleep (of course Elvis is at the foot of his bed all cozy in a blanket!).

I woke up this morning not feeling well at all. So tomorrow in between my many things to do, I have to see my personal MD. I hope it is nothing serious and tomorrow I can eat and drink. I am worried about my sugar, I had gestational diabetes with both pregnancies but it left as soon as I delivered, ack! I hope that is NOT what it is.....diabetes runs rampant in my family, good ole genes...

I cant quite get myself to sleep tonite so Ive been watching livecams, not sex-cams but horse Barn Cam 1 and Jimmy-Jam-Cam(Utahwildhorses) cool stuff I found over at Bridlepath. I am a horse crazy nut, arent I? Oh well, it could be a lot worse, right?

While browsing Oklahoma's news, I see we Oklahomas put to death another no-good, piece of human sewege early this evening. I just LOVE capital punishment. A Chickasha Man has been Executed For beating Death Of 13monthold Daughter . Now this IS THE REASON we have the death penalty.

I'd have liked to serve him some ground up glass in his last meal of mashed potatoes as a goodbye present............

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Blog Day! and a Hat Trick..

Bad Company
By Bad Company

Yep, today(8/31/06) is BlogDay 2006. Around the planet, bloggers are encouraged to post their 5 favorite blogs they like to read, with a small summary, of course. I am at a loss because, I read more than 5 Friends a day. Picking out 5 of my favorite blogs was impossible.

So, I did a hat trick. I put all of my regular blogs in a hat and picked out 5, yes..just 5......................

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here they are, in the order they were drawn in:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


This is how I normally see the world around me, between 2 furry bay ears.

I wouldnt change it for anything.......

but occassionally, it is important for me to

hang with horses of a different color.....

1. bored_in_kansas. My friend butterflychic26, who has 2 weenie dogs she loves as much as we love our little Elvis. She has girls tho, and they are lovely. Butterflychic26 lives not too far from me and I can totally relate to her. She posts honest stuff about her life, she makes no airs about who she is...take her or leave her....I'll take her because this girl is funny, interesting, complicated, and talented.

2. An Audience of One . Brian#2 is a school Principal. If only every school in the USA had educators of this guy's quality.....the kids who encounter him thru the years of their education are encountering a gem of knowledge and inspiration. His blog was also awarded the 2005 Okie Blog Award for Inspirational. When I leave Brian#2's blog, I feel good about life.

3.truth is freedom . This blog belongs to one of my bestest blog friends Brian, I call him Brian #1 because he is the first Brian aka Hummingbunny. His talent is beyond words. He can write stories, he can write poetry, this guy can just write everything, and it is good, not just good but very good. Hummingbunny also has a great sense of humor but buried inside that humor is a complicated man who grew from a complicated past...I wont lie, sometimes Brian is kinda deep for me, but I like him, he makes me think........

4.~ adventures of a good girl ~ . GG is an exotic beauty from Singapore. She is both a Good and Bad girl. GG looks at life like no other person I have met. She is refreshing and naughty. GG is searching for her harbour, I have no doubts she'll find it, for now, I am along for the ride. GG's heart is full of kindness and gentleness, brimming with unmeasurable smarts. She is a crown jewel in the blogging world.

5.PostSecret . This is a blog updated weekly, every Sunday. I am a faithful reader. I see myself in other's postcards sent to PostSecret occassionally, I have even seen one of my very own postcard's I mailed in. Yes, I sure have..It felt good too. NO! I am NOT telling you which one or what it said. PostSecret invites you to anonymously mail in your secrets to PostSecret. Your secret can be a regret, hope, funny experience, unseen kindness, fantasy, belief, fear, betrayal, erotic desire, feeling, confession, or childhood humiliation. Reveal anything - as long as it is true and you have never shared it with anyone before......sometimes it is easier to share a secret this way......or it is for me.

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Last night I tossed and turned, sleep was not easy. My sinus's are acting crazy. So about 4 am I finally got up and took some benedryl. Now I feel drugged. I hate that feeling, but I can breathe............I hope the little filly I'll be riding in a couple of hours doesnt want to get all broncy on me!

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingYes, I know this is cheesy, but I am a fan of Dwayne ''The Rock'' Johnson. Not the wrestling personna, but Dwayne Johnson. I have never liked WWF or whatever they call those so-called-professional fat ass men in tights bouncing and throwing one another around in/out of a wrestling ring. That stuff is too fake and some of those wrestlers just gross me out prancing around in their neon tights with giant, beer bellys and scary back hair hanging out everywhere-ack! Anyhow, The Rock is hot, or at least I think so. Most of his movies sucked, such as "The Rundown." But, I really liked him in "Walking Tall." even tho he is NO Steve McQueen, I liked the movie......
Gridiron Gang (2006) is Johnson's newest movie. It's about football, so naturally, I want to see it but the bonus is that The Rock is starring in it. When it is released 9/15/06, son #1 and I are planning on seeing it.

I am shocked that the Ramsey Prosecutor is having to Defend her Decision to Pursue Karr and bring back to the USA to answer questions in JonBenet's murder. I just cannot believe that some people are criticizing this prosecutor's decision. Karr is a sick, perverted, dangerous creep who needed to be investigated further in the Ramsey murder. He has no business being in our communities preying on innocent children for sex, whether it is in Thailand or the USA. Geesh, is Sheenan amongst the prosecutor's hate-group? It sounds like something outrageous she would come up with.
Lacy said she wouldn't change a thing about how she approached the investigation, except perhaps making a stronger effort to keep details from the media. She said Karr's graphic, detailed claims and his growing fascination with at least one girl in Thailand forced her hand.
"We felt we could not ignore this, we had to follow it. We also had ... there was a real public safety concern here directed at a particular child," she said. Lacy added that a forensic psychologist "advised that this person was dangerous, this person was escalating."
end snippet

Okay, I agree 100% on this one. Karr is a sick creep who needs to be removed permanently from society to keep all children safe. Now that he is answering to child porn charges in another state(CA), maybe he'll be some other prisoner's bitch for the rest of his miserable life.

Kudos to the cop who made the Traffic stop ends search for notorious polygamist. The polygamist leader Warren Jeffs,was wanted in an investigation of child-sexual abuse and underage marriage among his followers. The self-proclaimed prophet was arrested north of Las Vegas during a routine traffic stop. 50 yo Jeffs, described as "armed and dangerous" on the FBI's 10 Most Wanted list, had said he would never be taken alive. But he surrendered without incident. He was unarmed. The leader of the 10,000 member Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was wanted in Utah and Arizona for allegedly arranging underage marriages, rape and sexual assault. He is believed to have 40 wives and nearly 60 children. Holy crap 60 children!!! No doubt our government is paying for their raising too. John Lewis, special agent in charge of the FBI Phoenix division, reported the trooper became suspicious when Jeffs identified himself as John Findley, using a contact-lens receipt from Florida as identification. Now that is too funny!!! A contact lense receipt, no doubt colored-contacts too!! Okay, I can see why the trooper investigated further. Not to mention the idiot was driving a 2007 RED Escalade-thats the way to keep a low profile and fly below the radar. What an idiot, I am glad he was finally arrested.

On another happier note, I was happy to read that Florida is relieved as Ernesto loses punch before striking state. My friends in Florida are spared. I hope this hurricane season is a light one, they've had it too bad lately.

This picture is for all my cow-lover friends. I was amazed at how many of y'all really like cows!

Have a super Wednesday! Our weather is perfect today. After my blog rounds, I am off to ride that pretty, little, filly who is no-name - she has no name! How bad is that?!? Mr. D. didnt even know her registered name....sigh. Some people! Especially rich$$ people. He told me I could name her. After I spend some time with her, I'll be able to properly name her.

Bang Bang
By ZZ Top

Justice For Jarret Clark

Jarret Clark's family has waited 3 long months for this news. Even tho, the autopsy reports are still pending, NewsChannel 8 Burt Mummolo reports he has learned from sources close to the investigation that the toxicology report that has been much awaited has come back very favorable for Jarret Clark.

The toxicology report is VERY important because up until this now, most of the witnesses(and suspects) were saying Jarret Clark was high on drugs,then he wandered into the lake, and drowned accidentally. The toxicology report reportedly refutes that, saying the amount of drugs in Clark's system, if any, were substantially lower than witness statements.

Clark's case orgionally started out as a missing person case in May 2006 until about 5 days later when his body was found in the lake. 18yo Clark allegedly flirted with another young man's girlfriend while out on a camping outing. Jarret Clark was beaten badly and then left alone out in the Sequoyah Bay State Park near the Wahoo Bay by the alleged attacker jealous boyfriend. The alleged attacker had told many people that he did in fact beat up Jarret Clark and left him with his face in the dirt (obviously the attacker was confused between dirt and the lake). The only sign of Jarret Clark after this attack is that his shoes and jacket have been found. The alleged attacker/attackers rumoredly dodged law enforcement and is/was in possession of Jarret Clark's cell phone. In my post Jarret Clark,Beaten & Missing PT.2 the last person to have spoken to Jarret on his own cell phone before his attack was his ex-girlfriend who he had asked to come out to the lake.

I also posted about Clark here, Ramblings From The Reservation: Jarret Clark,Beaten & Missing. From the beginning of this case, Ive felt foul play was involved, now I am convinced Clark was murdered, either intentionally or not, he was murdered......

No arrests have been made as of yet, I am hoping soon whoever is responsible for Clark's death is arrested. I also strongly think that even those who did witnessed Clark's assault, or knew of it and withheld information from law enforcement, be held accountable as well. Jarret Clark deserves justice.

Monday, August 28, 2006


By Godsmack
"If today I had a young mind to direct, to start on the journey of life, and I was faced with the duty of choosing between the natural way of my forefathers and that of the... present way of civilization, I would, for its welfare, unhesitatingly set that child's feet in the path of my forefathers. I would raise him to be an Indian!"
Tom Brown, Jr., The Tracker
Elvis & Sammy chilling this afternoon. We went for a long walk and then we jumped on the trampoline, again. When we returned from our walk, Elvis sped over to his food dish. There was a lizard (mountain boomer) eating his dog food! He chased it up the tree where he insisted on barking at it for about 2 minutes until he got hot. Then he took a break on the lawn chair with Toddler Terror. I think I am the only weenie dog owner who's weenie dog lounges in their water bucket like a Labrador Retriever would do! We gave ourselves a workout today. Hopefully sleep will come quick and last all night long at bedtime.

Son#1 jumped with Wee One on the trampoline and played Tonka trucks with him this evening while I went for a short, relaxing trail ride on Scooter. We rode down the road a ways. I havent been to any of our new neighbor's houses but I know who lives in all of them. The goat people are very nice. I see them on occassion in town and hubby gets gravel from the company the Mr. Goat Owner drives for, so he sees him driving loads of gravel to the leases often. Mr. Goat Owner told hubby the billygoat is mean. Well, I am not suprised, when we road by their pasture he rushed the fence like he was going to try to get Scooter and I. Scooter just ignored him until he ran down the fence line, then Scooter laid his ears back giving his best, I am pissed look at the goat. It was the look he gives a dog chasing him just before he kicks the sh*t outta it. Good thing the goat was behind it's fence. All the little goats ran up to the fence too, they are so cute! but they stunk!

It looks like I am going to be busy soon. I've taken on a horse to ride everyday out at D.'s ranch. A sweet, little, Paint, 4yo filly who does not need much work, just the polish-easy, easy, easy stuff. I had origionally went to see about breaking some colts. 2 to be exact, but they will not be 2yo until February of '07. I thought I was going to be riding some colts not ground handling, teaching ground manners to 900 lbs colts is work. They are not due to be gelded until the fall, either. I noticed some nasty stud behavior in the dominant colt, a plain looking Dun with a nightmarish hairdoo. Geesh.... The little sorrel colt seems docile. He came right up to me and let me touch him, give him a scratch or two. The 2 colts have been running in the pasture since they were weaned with not much else done to them except getting handled for regular vaccinations/wormings and the farrier. This should be interesting...

Here is a fact that Son #1 informed me about this eveing. He said a fart can travel up to 16 feet. I asked him where he learned that. He said, "either the radio or at school." I dont think he was sure, but he said it was a fact.......scary fact!

A Little Explanation

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By Godsmack

I appreciate my blogger friends, especially since I have only a couple of very close friends in the flesh. I have many 'buddies' that are cool to hang with, we run in the same circles, enjoy the same hobbies/love for horses/work, and a lot of them even have children the same age as my own. But, I have only 2 real friends who I remotely feel comfortable discussing such things with, such as my problems with the Asshole in my life, who has been there for nearly 2 decades, well...over 16 years but today it feels like freakin' 20 years.

I am not the nicest person on this Earth, I am not easy to live with, and I do not get along with everyone. I am NOT a people person and would rather spend my time with my horse or just animals in general. I found out at a very early age in life, people suck and they let you down, they leave, they move on, they find more important things to involve themselves with. It is inevitable. It is part of the human nature. Animals, are dependable until they die, that is just how it is my life, always has been, always will be, most likely. I will at least admit to my own faults. I try to treat everyone equal and expect the same treatment in return.

I have been plugging along on my BA in Biology. I have taken, many, many, classes online. I now need to attend some classes at the Tulsa OSU Campus to further my degree. I am 3/4 of the way to finishing my degree. The classes are expensive. I need to take out a student loan in order to finish my degree. If I enroll now, I can start in October. Just like hubby and I discussed last spring. Now, S. (husband) says we cannot afford it. I am like WTF?!?!! It is NOT like we will starve, or bills would go unpaid. It is NOT like we DO NOT have money in the bank. So, we had a big knock down drag out fight about this Saturday, then again this morning. S. said "why do you want to finish? its not like you'd use that degree either!" taking a cheap shot because I have other college degrees I do not use, at least not lately. That really, really pissed me off. Beyond words, so I shut up and I am staying shut up. I'll work this fall shipping cattle, I'll find a few more horses to train, I'll pay for my own courses, I will NOT speak of it again to the asshole. Thats over with.

S. did take a cheap shot. I would still be working if he had not almost demanded I quit working full time and be a stay at home mom. I have always worked, I worked when we met, I been self-reliant, supporting myself and my horses since I was 16 yo. I still finished high school and went to college, all on my own, with the help of best friend L.'s family. (Long story, my dad remarried to the greedy bitch from hell who did not like me or the fact that I went to a provate school and I moved out. She is long dead now, not that it bothers me one bit, but I do not like it that my elderly father is alone at 75 yo.) Ever since S. and I had son#1 in 1994, he has tried to get me to quit working outside of the home. I would never do it until the end of 2002 when he wore me down. That is when I resigned from my well paying job and started training horses full time. Then we decided to have Toddler Terror. I think I was possessed by another entity throughtout those months in my life, because those decisions are so unlike the real me - Resigning from a excellent position, then getting preggers on purpose! So, since S. wants me NOT to work outside of our home, how can I utilize my higher education? He is a jerk! I think he just wants me to have to depend on him for everything......not something I can do quietly.

Okay, another episode from this weekend. My car's rear-end started making a noise. I am NOT mechanical, I know nothing about cars or machinary, and I do not pretend to do so either. Son #1 being the smart kid he is heard the sound first, pointed it out to me then we told his dad, S. S. said, "okay, I'll look at it when I have a minite." No problem, I think. He said it was okay to drive. Shit! It barely has 16,000 miles on it. I love this car by the way. So, yesterday, hubby takes my car to fill it up with gas. Upon his return, he starts hollering at me, ME, about driving my car with "whateverpartitwashementioned" doing something to the brakes. Again, I am like WTF?!?!! "You, the licensed mechanic and dude with the mechanical engineering degree, said it was OKAY to drive my car and you would look at it!" Then he hollers, "fuck it, take it to a garage, its under warranty anyhow." I do not do well with people who holler and/or cuss at me - I have no tolerance, too bad for the asshole. So, I told him to go fuck himself.

These were just the 2 worse episodes, much more has happened, more than I care to type about.

On a much happier note, I accidently washed son #1's IPOD in the clothes washer and it still works! I could do cartwheels over this fact since he bought it with his own hard working money he earned this summer. It is one of his most prized and used possessions.......

Treat Me Right

Treat Me Right
By Pat Benatar
The old guy is enjoying these cooler temperatures as much as the rest of us. Our high today is only 89 degrees. I could not be happier about the break in the heat.

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It is house cleaning day, in more ways than one, if my spouse S. does not quit being such a f*cking asshole. I am dead serious, I've had enough of the bull shit and my attorney(who's been on retainer since 2001) who is also a snake in the grass, who will get me way more than 1/2, is only a phone call away.

I really do not have much to say today....well, I take that back. I have a lot to say but nothing y'all want to hear about. I decided last week I was not going call Him .......

What if I cannot hold to my decision............?

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Before and After The Storm

By 3 Doors Down

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Saturday was blazing hot and it blew up a nasty storm during the afternoon.

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Early evening it crashed down on us. 65+ mph winds, hail, bad lightening, and lots of badly needed rain. I picked up anything in the yard I thought might blow away and put it inside the garage. I did not put Elvis's doghouse or my grill in there and they weathered it okay, except the heavy-duty manufactured doghouse blew about 35 feet until it hit a fence in the driveway. I think Elvis was glad he was watching the storm from inside the barn with Scooter. Neither of them like to be out in the rain.....sissys!

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I took this picture after the storm.

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Scooter got his nose wet in the wet grass.

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Elvis had a couple of rain drops fall on him, so he wanted back indoors.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Are You Ready? I am

Mr. Crowley
By Ozzy Osbourne

"Treat the earth well: it was not given to you by your parents, it was loaned to you by your children. We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children."
Ancient Indian Proverb


Yesterday evening, it cooled off a tiny bit and threatened big t-storms. Threatened, but they never quite made it, they all went North East of here. I think my friend inKansas may have gotten the worst of the t-storms. We had quite a lightening show from here.

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Pet Cemetary weenie dog.

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These first 2 pictures I took before I switched my camera to the night-time mode. It really does good in the dark, believe it or not.

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Scooter wanting to be on the other side of his pasture, next to me. I have fire-ants. They are mean, nasty little biting buggers. Hubby bought some poison for them but now he thinks it might be too strong to put up close to the house and barns..sigh. Those ants need to go! Tonite we are going to find their little ant home and annihilate them, we hope.. Yeah, I know, sometimes I get a sick kick outta killing things..

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Just before dark last nite, Wee One and his daddy jumping on the trampoline....well, Toddler Terror was jumping, I think hubby was resting.

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More TT jumping, it was dark and I made him come inside, he squawked all the way indoors, brat!

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Here are 2 scrimmage pictures from early this morning(our boys are black-n-orange). Whew it was HOT. The boys started playing early(8:30am) and finished about 11 am. They did excellent! I was so proud of son #1. He had many excellent blocks and his snaps were perfect. His coach also commented in his after game talk, that son #1 blocked the best all morning and he expected that from him at every game. Coach P. will get it too. If there is 1 thing son#1 is absolutely passionate and serious about, it is football.

I am looking forward to this years football season (like always!) I have watched these boys start out in peewee 4th grade and grow into BIG boys. Wow, I was shocked to see some of the players, they have grown so much! Some of son#1's friends are as tall as I am and they are only in the 7th grade!

I am ready. I am ready for another winning football season....

Friday, August 25, 2006

Goodbye Is All We've Got Left To Say.......

It's damn hot, unforgiving, relentless hot. 104 degrees + blinding sun. When you open the door to the outside, the heat smacks so hard, it takes your breath away. It is so hot outside, Toddler Terror is not even throwing a spaz fit to play outdoors, Elvis refuses to go outside and needs a kick in his hiney to get his little 6# ass out the door to go potty. Scooter is lolling between his cool, inside stall where I have a fan turned on for him and the huge shady tree in front of the house. He is drinking massive amounts of water, which is great. So are us humans....

I miss having 2 horses here...

I've been stewing about this for nearly the last 24 hours. Yesterday, I was sitting in my car waiting for son#1 to finish up with football practice and my friend L. (not to be confused w/ best friend L.) pulled up next to me in the parking lot. I was suprised to see her. L.'s kids go to school in a different town, miles away, altho they did once attend the same school system as my son. She was full of smiles and jumped inside my car to visit. She said "Dont you ever check your voice mail?" No, my cell phone has been broken for ages, well actually, my phone charger has been broken since shortly after we moved. I am NOT buying a new charger, I am holding out for a brand new phone. Anyhow, L. said she had been trying to get ahold of me for about 1 week. Obviously NOT that hard, I thought to myself. Which was not nice, she probably had. I have call privacy on my home phone and if the phone number is not recognized, it does not allow calls thru. I rarely look at the caller ID or look to see who has tried to call me and was blocked by privacy manager. I figure, if its important, they know where I live....and it cant be that important if my privacy manager isint recognizing their number. Yes, kind of bitchy of me but I like my privacy and not being bothered by people or telemarketers and such.

So, L. has this look in her eyes like she is trying to get past pleasantries and tell me what is really on her mind. I took it upon myself and said " okay, tell me the good stuff, I can tell you've got some news for me." She informed me that He had called her 2 times trying to get ahold of me. He wanted her to give me a message, that He wanted me to call him and that it was important. L. knew about him and the way things were in my life at that time. She is a true blue friend. She never judged me or my actions, she was very much like my best guy friend D. she was just there when I needed a friend, a female friend to talk female things. L. and He are also friends, thru me. I asked her what he wanted. L. said he had broken up with the legal secretary at our mutual lawyer's office and the secretary was heart-broken. I asked L. what that had to do with me? L. just said, she didnt have any idea but that He really, really wanted to talk to me. I could tell by her hesitation she knew more. I told her again to let me have all of the news. L. said, "I think he is moving away, far away from Oklahoma." I know my face showed no emotion, but it was like an ice cold lightening bolt shot thru me, all the way to my dusty worn boots. This little bit of news hit me hard, like a fist in the gut. All I said was "hmm, is that so?" L. said, "yep, I think he is going to the Texas Laredo Border to work US Border Patrol with his cousin Billy." L. and Billy have had a stormy on/off or better defined as steamy on/off, relationship for about 6 years, so I know that if she had this news, it was a fact and not gossip. Billy has been a US Border Patrol Agent for the last 4 years and has worked at Laredo. I visited with Billy last X-Mas at L.'s house. He said things down at the Mexican border were crazy, just plain crazy and dangerous.

Just about this point of our conversation, son#1 came trotting out of the locker room side doors. I told L. if He called her again, to tell him I said to write me a letter.........I wont be talking to him, it wont do Him any good anyway......

Goodbye's All We've Got Left
By Steve Earle


American Woman
By Lenny Kravitz

Tomorrow, bright and early is son #1's football scrimmage. I thought it was going to be one game...ohhhhh nooooo it is not. Teams are coming from all over in their league. Each team is allowed 20 plays each game. If I did the math correct, it adds up to 200 plays for each team! Son #1 said " mom! it'll be over before you know it, 200 plays isint jack diddly!" Yeah, maybe for him.....

Here is our conversation after son #1's football practice last nite.

me " why are you 15 minutes late?"

son#1 "because coach P made me and T (the QB is son #1's best friend) practice 50 extra snaps."

me "why, are you messing up?"

son #1 "nope, just practicing so we dont. ummm, I need to soak in your bathtub with the jets on when I get home."

me "why?" I am always worried about a sports injury...

son#1 " I had a 200 pound 8th grader fall on my back during our scrimmage today."

me " a 200 pound 8th grader?! no freakin way!"

son #1 "yes mom! so and so weighs 203 pounds and he didnt even flunk!"

me "are you serious?"

son #1 "yes! he has a moustache AND chest hair!"

me "oh my, how in the world did he fall on your back?"

son #1 " Geesh, mom! as center, its my job to protect the QB after my snap. So I did this play to protect the QB from being rushed."

then son #1 shows me the play he did to trip up the rushing 8th grader. It was so cute too, Wee One got down and was copying the move son #1 did and got it right on the first try.

me " okay, you can use my tub, just clean it good when your done."


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Yesterday evening, TT and I were jumping on the trampoline. But, he was too busy hollering at his brother who was riding his dirt bike....

It was SO HOT! I mean HOT!!! After I came indoors after finishing my evening chores, I took a long hot shower. Then I went to bed with my hair wet which = a nice scare-doo in the AM.

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This is one of my favorite picture of the Old Guy and I.....

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This is what you call puttin' on the brakes! When I first saw the picture, I got a kick out of B's face!

Please forgive any typos or stuff like that, my mouse is acting like a piece of sh*t today. I tried cleaning ir and taking it apart (probly what is really wrong w/ it!) and it STILL is not working right! grrrrr I'd ask hubby to fix it for me when he comes in for lunch but I wont be here because I am avoiding the asshole....he is being such an ass...

Thursday, August 24, 2006


She Talks To Angels
By The Black Crowes

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Last night, sleep was being evasive. As I was laying in bed, I was thinking about my visit with the trainer acquaintance yesterday. I recalled part of our conversation about a gorgeous Palomino thoroughbred mare she had trained in early spring. My friend was telling me about this mare and how she has placed #1 in a lot of her classes and was currently a competitor for the state's #1 Palomino spot. She was also telling me that this mare had no personality, she was just BLAH, nothing. She was a smart horse and a quick learner, but nothing in the personality department. The mare never whinnied at feeding time or even a quiet nicker. As I was recalling this, I remembered 'Puke' NOT his registered name but it describes his personality. Puke was an American Saddlebred showhorse I showed for one year when I was 19 yo. He was a stunning horse and an absolute winner in the show ring. Once he entered the arena, he was all charm and business. He could make a sloppy rider a winner in an equitation class-REALLY! he was that good. But, he had a nasty personality. When someone would walk by his stall, he'd lay his ears back or turn his ass to the doors. He never kicked, or bit, just put on an act like he might. If his bluff was called, he would just stand there with his ears half back like he was pissed. Yep, a definate jerk as horses go. After awhile, he came around to me and I'd get atleast one nicker from him. His owner Joanie was amazed at this. I was the only person Puke ever warmed up to, but then I spent a lot of time with him that year. Whenever I looked into Puke's eyes, I saw mainly boredom, and uninterest. I always wondered what made him that way in his younger years. When I look into The Old Guy's eyes, I see a lot of different things: curiousity, love, impatience, name a few. Scooter definately has a personality!


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Wee One and brown cow. It slept with Toddler Terror last night.

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Toddler Terror this morning at 7:30 am, yes I am serious! See why I am crazy?

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Son#1 this morning after his breakfast of sausage and biscuits. Waiting patiently for his slow father to take him to school....his dad was hooking up the welder trailer.

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The Old Guy eating his breakfast. Elvis was trying to sneak a bite too.


Not a whole lot planned today, just some paperwork and housework stuff. Maybe a trip to the library for Toddler Terror and I.....and a trip to the walking trails.......if I get motivated. This evening I am planning on a short trail ride on Scooter, ALONE....if I do not get off ALONE, by myself, I will NOT be held accountable for my future family is driving me crazy this week.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Ponderings From The Reservation

Today, I visited with an acquaintance of mine who trains horses professionally. She works with her brother, and they train a lot of nice, very well-bred, expensive horses. Her family's business is mainly the Western Show crowd but throw in a few hunters under saddle in the mix, and thats what they do. They charge a lot of $$ for their services but they also give you what you pay for. A programmed winner in the show ring.

I have evolved over my years. I no longer want my horse to have his/her nose dragging the ground and loping at a near standstill. I want a natural, comfortable head carriage for my horse. I want my horse to show some spirit. Do not mistake me. My horse or any horse I teach, will poll to the bit correctly, have his/her hindquarters underneath them and stop on them when asked, the horse will understand what I am asking thru leg cues, and so on.

I do not agree with this type of training method. But, it does produce results. But, I prefer a more less invasive way to achieve a proper headset. I am not beyond using a tie-down on a head thrower if I am roping. My own horse does not throw his head, but a lot of ropers do. It can be a huge pain in the ass while roping if your horse is slinging his head all over the place.

I like this horse by the way! A very sharp looking gelding who is just as flashy without the saddle in the pasture.

This gelding has a long, springy stride. I would have loved nothing more than to jump in that saddle.


A Country Boy Can Survive
By Hank Williams Jr.

Toddler Terror's doctor's appointment went well. It took forever waiting for the MD to finish up with a minor emergancy, he apologized. I told him we understood, if it was my kid having an emergancy, I would want the same amount of time and energy put into the situation as his MD did. I was kinda pissed at Wee One tho. Dr. S. his old doctor and Dr. C. my doctor both tried to entertain Toddler Terror while we were waiting for his pediatrician to free up and Toddler Terror wouldnt have nothing to do with them. Instead, he wanted to play in the drinking fountain and break into the X-Ray room to visit with the X-Ray lady. Grrrrrrrrr! It didnt help matters that we were planted in 1 chair outside the pediatricians examining room. We'd have been better off out in the lobby with the little kid toys to keep Toddler Terror busy-oh hell, who am I kidding, he'd be a giant brat out there too......

Wednesdays, is the only day I usually make a slight effort to watch the Montel Williams show. I am not a big fan of his, but I do give him credit for airing the many, many missing persons cases and unsolved cases that deserve media coverage. This is something I am grateful to him for. On Wednesdays, Montel has psychic Sylvia Browne as a guest. She answers questions and stuff like that. I am not sure I believe her to be a true psychic but I do get a kick out of her answers sometimes. More than once, Ive noticed that Montel and Brown have a sort of routine they play for the audience. When Brown is having difficulty dealing with an audience member, Montel jumps in and diffuses the situation or goes to a commercial or goes to another audience member with a question. I have never read any of Brown's books but people who have read them have told me they do enjoy them. Brown speaks of spirit guides, which I believe in, altho I think her definition of 'spirit guide' and mine are not the same. My idea of spirit guide is derived from my Native American culture, Shamanism Animal Spirit Guides Core. (I missed the program today, the only daytime TV I ever watch too!)
I did some light internet searching on Brown. I came up with Psychic Sylvia Browne once failed to foresee her own criminal conviction and Sylvia fraudulent Browne and - TV Psychic Misses Mark on Miners. I suppose being a celebrity, people are going to nit-pick at her but, the 1 million dollar challenge is not something to scoff at....I'll let you make your own decision on her. For now, I dont think I'll be paying her $800 for a reading..........

A few days ago, we all went out for chinese food. My fortune cookie said this:
"you show your true face to the people who really matter." Hubby and son#1 are still talking about how my fortune cookie fortune was RIGHT ON.....I am not so sure. But, just to be safe, I am going to play the numbers on it today in the Powerball Lottery and the Oklahoma Lottery. I'll let y'all know if I win.

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It looked like it was trying to brew up a storm outside. However, I think it missed us.

Big Thunder (Bedagi) Wabanaki Algonquin
The Great Spirit is in all things, he is in the air we breathe. The Great Spirit is our Father, but the Earth is our Mother. She nourishes us, that which we put into the ground she returns to us....

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Tuesday Night Blahs

The Unforgiven
By Metallica

Not a whole lot going on here at the homestead after dark. I figured Id post these pics I took very recently. Tomorrow Wee One has an early morning doctor appointment out of town. Then, we have a day full of errands and and other obligations that we cannot escape. Who knows when Ill be able to get back to my computer.


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He is in this picture but nearly hidden by the other ropers. Some very nice horses too. I like the big belly-ed guy's paint horse. I hope no one who is a local reader tells him I said that....nahhh not really, I could give a sh*t less tonite.

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Son #1 trying to send me to an early grave...

He received his game jersey today. He is officially starting center and starting defensive end. He is PROUD,but not as proud as his mother. Son#1 gives football 150%, I am so happy he is good at it and determined to be the best he can. His coaches have also noticed this too.

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I told him to put on britches and boots. The doctor said his hearing problem was not medical but mental. It's called "selective hearing". Is this a strictly male gendered illness?

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The sky tonite, matches my gray mood...

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I LOVE these air ferns. Hubby bought this one last nite for me during our Wal-Mart trip. I keep killing them. I have another one but it isint looking as healthy as the rest of my plants....