Monday, October 23, 2006

The Speed Of Light

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Monday has arrived with the speed of light. It seems like it was just Wednesday afternoon, I was picking son #1 up from school, and we were excited it was Fall it's back to school. Son #1 has decided against wrestling and did not change his Athletics Schedule like we had talked about. He is sticking with basketball. So, today his basketball season starts. Football is my favorite and I am still mourning the end of the season. Geesh, nothing like rushing my mourning process.

Son #1 also stole my K-Swiss tennis shoes for his basketball shoes. I am NOT happy about that! I told him I wanted them back, we'd buy him a pair of basketball shoes. He said "Mom, you never wear them, you always wear your boots or those slip on Keds." So, I still like to have a pair of nice tennis shoes just incase I need to wear them sometime.

Yesterday was NOT a good day 'round here. We all got up about 6:30 am. I cooked breakfast so hubby could get son#1 into the woods and to his deer blind early. Hubby was coming into the kitchen to fix his breakfast plate and Wee One (who hadnt ate anything except grape juice) hurled all over hubby. Ack! Grape juice was everywhere. Anyhow, hubby handled it much better than I had expected..........he doesnt do very well with gross stuff like that. It seems Wee One contacted a 24/hr stomach type virus. The poor thing was so sick. Both times he puked he said "Im sorry, I made a mess." Hubby and I kept telling him he didnt do anything wrong, he didnt need to be sorry. It was so sad. So, I spent yesterday tending to Wee One and washing the carpets.

No one else has had a stomach bug. I am not sure where Wee One caught it from. Maybe his pediatricians appointment on Tuesday. I am highly suspicious of the playland at Burger King he played in with 4 other toddlers on Thursday. We were shopping in Bartlesville and I let Toddler Terror (with son #1's help) burn off some energy playing at the playland. He rarely gets to play in them. They are so filthy. And, I did not have my Germ-X in my car. I took it out when Wee One squirted it everywhere and didnt put it back. I did wash him up in the bathroom before we left, but that didnt appear the cleanest place either.

So far today Wee One has kept all of his 7UP down and seems a bit better, kinda puny but better. He is going to have a warm bath in about 30 minutes, that always makes him feel better.

My trail ride I was so very much looking forward to with best friend L. was cancelled. I think even the Old Guy was disappointed we didnt get to ride. He has been full of himself in the cooler weather, running, bucking, and snorting in the early mornings.

Yesterday was a perfect day for it to. Sigh, oh well....there will be other ones.

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These are the 3 books Wee One wanted read to him while he was sick. Over and over. The Dinosaur book is kinda neat, it has all kinds of easy to understand facts for kids. When I was a kid, I was fascinated with dinosaurs. I can remember my mom taking me to our usual library visits. I read every dinosaur book the county library had, along with every Black Stallion book ever written.

Wee One loves deer. Whenever he sees one, he says "Bambi or Feline." The deer book was his favorite book all summer, now it is in the catagory of his top 3. His Aunt J. bought son #1 "Stranger In The Woods" book when he was a lot younger, son #1 loved it back then, now it its Wee One's favorite.

Son #1 saw a good sized 6pt yesterday when he was hunting. He could not get a good, clear shot at it. The buck was moving thru the woods at a fast trot. He is hopeful tho. I am glad he listened and didnt take a shot when he was not sure he could hit and kill the deer.

My house isint cleaning itself, and that maid I wished for has not showed up I guess that means I had better get my ass off the computer and to work.

Have a fast and painless Monday.


Blogger brian said...

Aniin BG,

Glad I could give you a post to smile about. :) Let's see, your kid steals your sneakers and your wee one is sick again. Can't go riding, have to clean. You need some love. (((((hugs))))

It's chilly today, in the 70's. Lows over night in the 40's. SUCKS!!!

9:19 AM  
Anonymous madd said...

BG..sorry to hear about wee is always worse when they get sick with a tummy sons fav books were always 'cat in the hat, or 'green eggs and ham'..till the pop up books came along..I hope he is feeling better, how bout you..better also? well thanks for the morning coffee and chat..have a good one..m

9:22 AM  
Blogger FelineFrisky said...

Hey there! Poor Wee One! I hate that stomach virus stuff. Nothing helps - maybe it's cause I'm old! Sorry you didn't get to go out with Scooter. The sun will shine again and the opportunity will come by. My chores aren't getting done any quicker now either! Gotta go! D :}

11:43 AM  
Blogger mysti said...

awww poor wee one. I just hate it when my sons are sick. It breaks my heart to see them hurting and unwell. I am glad he is feeling better today. The books seem so typical of boy books! lol. I hope your day goes better.


12:20 PM  
Blogger Hope said...

I love sharing books and stories with kids. Glad to see he has comforting favorites.
have a great week.

1:03 PM  
Blogger melanie said...

poor dear... hope he is feeling better. Yea. we like the scary pumpkin book from the library this week. Oh, and curious george.

sorry your ride got canceled. so hubby couldnt watch the kid huh?

1:12 PM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

I simply LOVE the pic you have of fall with the horses.

I want to see those picturesque moments EVERYDAY!!!!

Sorry Wee one isn't feeling well. I'm home from work sick today too. I feel pretty crappy!
I hope you got lots accomplished cleaning wise =)

2:09 PM  
Blogger BarnGoddess said...

aniin bri-I loved the pics! we had a bit of frost this morning, brrr

madd-hes feeling a tiny bit better. Holding his foods down but still running to the bathroom-ack!

diane-maybe this Sunday Ill be able to take that long trail ride

mysti-Id rather be sick instead either of my fact Ill probly catch it next!

hope-yep, he knows his favorites and he demands them in a certain order sometimes too

melanie-oh no, hell no would hubby stay indoors all day taking care of wee one. Wee One wanted his mama anyhow. Now w/ son #1 hubby would have easily done it, but son #1 is a daddys boy

rebecca-ack! I hope you feel better soon. I am over the tonsil thingy I am so happy about that!

2:21 PM  
Anonymous Doe said...

Poor little guy! Hope you both feel better soon. Throwing up purple stuff everywhere is a perfect metaphor for a Monday, isn't it? I'm also glad your other son has such a responsible attitude towards wildlife too!

4:57 PM  
Blogger Miss 1999 said...

Bless his little heart, I hope he's feeling better now, having those bugs are no fun :0(

12:54 AM  

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