Wednesday, May 31, 2006

His Scarred Heart

The worst way to miss someone is to be sitting right next to them knowing you can never have them
He still had those same big, liquid, brown eyes framed by dark lashes. My breath was caught in my chest. I knew he saw me because our eyes met. I sat there thinking how glad I was that I wore my hair down and dressed in my new gypsy blouse M. brought back from Ole Mexico for me yesterday. The top goes perfect with my faded denim capris paired with the new beaded sandals I purchased in early spring. Thinking like a teenager, I scolded myself. Feeling flustered is an alien emotion for me and I didnt like it. It had been over a year since I had seen him last at a Glenpool money roping. He had taken 2nd place that night riding his paint gelding and looked mighty fine doing it. I busied myself fussing with son #2's stroller buckle and getting him situated and safely strapped inside. When I was satisfied that toddler terror was tied down tight with no means of escape, I stood up and saw him approaching. His badge on his hip was shiny in the hot sun, catching the high noon sunlight. When he reached me, he smiled, his white teeth nearly glowing against his tan face. I felt my heart flutter momentarily, then came quickly to my senses and put on my pleasant but showing no-emotions poker face. He looked thinner, almost gaunt for his big framed body. I wanted to ask him if he was still working too much, sleeping too little, risking his life damn near every night on the job, but I didnt. Instead, we exchanged hellos and he got down on 1 knee and gave toddler terror a high 5, commented on son #2's curls. I knew he always wanted children of his own, he just hadnt met the right woman yet. I figure he probably wont ever either because his heart is scarred. He is a good man, reserved, and old school. He looks like he could be a heart-breaker but that is the furthest from the real truth. He married his high school sweetheart right out of school, she was killed by a drunk driver. He remarried a woman who resented his law enforcement job and the nights he left her alone, so she had 2 affairs and left him after she thought he would never quit police work-just before she left he was ready to change careers just to make her happy, he loved her. He then became involved with a workaholic, high maintenance RN. She was sure they were not a serious couple even after they dated for 5 years, until he and I became close friends, then she gave him an ultimatum regarding our friendship. I told him we could never be anything more than friends, I had a husband and a family, even tho I was having some major relationship problems with S. (husband) and some huge stress issues at work regarding travel to another state often and serious Supreme Court deadlines I had to meet. It was a time in my life I was flying blind and he was like my radar who guided the way. He listened when I needed an ear, he was silent when I needed silence, he made me laugh when I needed a good laugh, he gave me huge bear hugs when I needed just a hug. He brought me fresh hot coffee at work when I was sleepy, he let me crash at his house when I was drunk, and he let me go when I asked him to even tho it hurt him deeply.
We talked briefly about his drug task force investigator position, and of course, our horses. Toddler terror was on his best behavior, I have no idea why. My cell phone rang inside my purse, I looked at my purse half pissed off someone was calling me and half happy for the distraction. My phone beeped when it went to voicemail. He said he had better get going, he was on his way to work. I said goodbye, he said goodbye and started to walk away. Like a dumbass, I was still standing there watching him leave, getting one more glimpse of his broad shoulders, and cute backside, when he turned abruptly around. I am sure I was standing there looking like an idiot, he half jogged back to where I was standing and asked if I wanted to have lunch sometime, just lunch he said, he just wanted to catch up. I said maybe. He left it at that and me standing there by the bird seed display. Deep inside my heart, I knew I would not be calling him.....

No Joking Matter

Ever since our wee one was born, I have wished openly for 3 arms, in a joking manner. But, all joking aside, this little fellow actually has 3 arms and doctors are trying to figure out what to do for him. The 3-armed baby named Jie-jie is 2 months old and also was born with 1 kidney. Neither of the boy's 2 left arms is fully functional and tests have so far been unable to determine which one was more developed. Jie-jie's hospital is one of China's most experienced in dealing with unusual birth defects, including separating conjoined twins. Like Jie-jie, many of the children are sent to relatively wealthy Shanghai from the poor inland province of Anhui. I hope this little guy is okay, this is sad.

In Ohio, there is a troubling news story about Horse Killings. Highland County Sheriff's Office is investigating whether someone killed 2 horses by stabbing them in the face. The horses were found dead last week on a farm on Newman's Road, outside of Hillsboro. A mare and her filly both had deep puncture wounds to thier faces and heads. One of the mare's was made with enough force to fracture her skull. What is scary for these horse owners is that the suspects knew the animals were back there in thier pasture, because the pasture is not visible from the road. Law Enforcement is waiting for the necropsy results to determine if someone killed the horses and how.

When I first read the story, I thought was it storming in Ohio when this happened? Ive witnessed horses after they were struck and killed by lightening. One horse just had a small burn behind his ear, the other horse looked like it had been shot with a shotgun thru the top of his head.....all deadly lightening strikes might not appear the same. Another theory that flitted thru my mind was livestock mutilations. We've had a few stories here in Oklahoma about this. Some cases are still puzzling, others were suspected satanists, and some were just your average predators killing cattle.

According to The People's Almanac #3, a couple of Arkansas state cops tried an experiment in which they left a dead cow in a field alone. Within 33 hours, buzzards followed by blowflies had neatly disposed of the eyes, sex organs, and even the blood, leaving the appearance of "surgical precision" behind them.

Here is a recent cattle mutilations story out of Colorado about 40 mi from the Kansas border. Someone or something killed a few Angus cows and surgically removed the skin from the same side of both cows' faces, leaving the rest of the carcasses untouched in the undisturbed grass. The grass around the cattle legs was still upright, undisturbed. We all know death of anything, human or animal, is rarely a 'gentle event'-when an injured animal dies it usually thrashes around and disturbs the ground. These cattle were found like they had been gently laid down in the grass. Kiowa County Sheriff Forest Frazee and deputies examined both carcasses. Frazee said a veterinarian told him an eagle might have sliced the skin from the cows' faces. And that the brittle winter grass around the bodies had not been stepped on. "Coyotes wouldn't go anywhere near the carcasses for weeks and weeks," Sheri Bowen said (the cows owner). "They just left them alone. And my husband Chuck's metal detector, the one we use to find artifacts, it gave a reading of foil over the entire body. Aluminum foil. Maybe it was aliens........ Too weird!!!

**check out the 'old cop car picture!


Its kinda partly cloudy today in Oklahoma, maybe the humidity will decrease some and it'll be more pleasant outside. I hope so! Son #2 is doing everything in his power to drive me crazy today. This morning at breakfast hubby was doing some paperwork and son #2 was sitting next to him, after awhile I noticed he had picked 1/2 of the new leaves off of a struggling plant I was trying to nuture back to good health. They were flung all over the table and floor, while hubby sat there oblivious to the havoc his 2 yo son created-grrrrrrrr. I have some errands to run later this afternoon, atleast then the toddler terror will be safely strapped in his car seat, then safely strapped into his stroller so no get-away is possible.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Today I have been one step behind everybody else. My mental state seems to me to be a bit sluggish today, even after my 45 minute afternoon nap. Once I told my MD that I thought I had Adult ADD, he just laughed and told me I did not get near enough sleep as my body needed. I still think his diagnosis is wrong. Anyhow, this morning I set some ribeye steaks out to thaw for dinner. Hubby looks into the fridge and says "yumm, steak tonite". I commented that the steaks I was cooking tonite were from my friend F. over at Sugarcreek Ranch. A few weeks ago she was outside with one of her new foals as I sped down the highway, I did an impulsive u-turn and stopped to visit with her for a few minutes. I had not visited with her since basketball season when our son's played on opposing teams. I met her when I first moved to Oklahoma and we ran around in the same 'partying circle'. Her first husband was a complete asshole, but a wealthy one that she took to the bank in thier divorce. I was happy for her about that because her married life was pure hell. Back to the day we were visiting. I had a small cooler full of Indian Meatpies that I had ordered from M. on the reservation when they were taking orders and selling for a medical benefit. When M. is making the meatpies, I always order atleast 12 so I can stash some in the freezer, they are delicious. I gave 3 of them to F. because she likes them too, so in turn she offered me some steaks out of her sub-zero deep freeze. She had just sent some steers for butchering and filled her freezers. F.'s 12 yo son was leaving to spend the entire summer in Texas with his father, leaving F. home alone with her elderly mother. I glady accepted the 6 steaks and promised to sit with her at The Cattlemens Dinner coming up soon. So, as hubby and I are standing there looking at the 6 steaks, he says "why are you cooking all 6 of them?" then it dawns on me that I only need to cook 4 because our 12 yo is in MI. Hubby and son #1 usually eat 2 steaks, wee one and I only require 1 each. So I put back 2 of them in the freezer. That is how my day started.

Do you remember this kind of candy? B-B-Bats in banana, strawberry, and chocolate? Sugar Daddy pops? This is candy from the good ole days. While we were touring and shopping at St. Louis Union Station I purchased lots of candy at a candy store, mostly brands from my childhood that are hard to come by these days. I have my goods stashed in a safe place. Except my 2 yo has eaten almost all of my banana flavored ones!


Yesterday as we were driving down I-44 back t0wards Oklahoma, I was viewing the beautiful and rugged Missouri country-side. I was thinking about 2 missing persons cases that are never far from my mind, Amanda K. Jones and Teresa Lynn Butler. In both of thier cases, my gut feeling is that the 'men' in thier lives is responsible for thier disappearences. Even tho in Amanda Jone's case, the suspect I have in mind is just the sperm donor(not husband) to the baby she was to have delivered just days after she disappeared. Both of these very much missed mothers are from Missouri. I wrote Has Amanda Jones Been Forgotten? awhile back and I now feel like her case is now cold. I first wrote about Teresa Butler here and followed with Part II. Teresa Butler's case has also taken on that chill of becoming a cold case. As I looked out the window at the lush green Ozarks and rocky terrain, billboards of Jesse James hideouts, caverns, and caves whizzed by on the edge of the interstate. I couldnt help but think, are these 2 women somewhere out in the Missouri wilderness waiting to be found?


Little neighbor girl A. came riding by on her pink bike while I was feeding this evening out in the pasture. She stopped near the gate by my driveway and waited. I asked her how she was and she gave me one of her trademark 'juliaroberts' huge grins and said she just had a birthday and she is now 9yo. She also said she had a birthday swim-party with a Bratz cake and got lots of money as presents. Its hot today with very high humidity. As I stood there chatting with A. in the lowering sun, I could feel the sweat beads rolling down the side of my nose and noticed A. had sweat streaks running thru her little, cheerful face. She motioned to the white wicker basket with the big pink flower in the middle when I asked her what brought her my way. She said inside the cloth bag was a Horny toad she caught earlier today in the road out in front of her house. She wanted to keep it as a pet but her Grandmother told her that would be cruel and unfair to the toad. So A. was going down to the creek where it was nearly dried up and rocky to let the horny toad go because thier geese would kill it(no doubt there, thier geese are meaner than a pack of rabid rotties). Since it was so hot and the sun was setting, I told A. to park her bike. I fired up the Jimmy that hasnt been driven in eons and we ran down to the creek bed. Son #2 wasnt too sure about the horny toad, he did have the right idea tho and kept calling it a treefrog. A. let her little friend go without incident which somehow made me think about this idiot guy with his pet snake:
According to Louis, the snake's owner, no zoo or nature center in the world has such a huge specimen of a Burmese Python. 'Baby' is 13 yo and 20 ft long. What is wrong with people?!?!!! Hasnt this guy heard about the Thirteen Foot Burmese Python who Killed Owner? or 14yo killed by Pythons? People are nuts....

I'm Back

The long weekend didnt seem very long to me. I had a great time seeing my family. My oldest sister is without a doubt, my favorite sister. Its no secret to the rest of the family. So, any time spent with J. is time well spent that flys by with lightening speed. I already cant wait to see her when I go to MI because we barely had a chance to visit! Her middle son C, his wife K., and thier daughter G. also came for the visit, it was so much fun hanging out with them, especially at the karoke bar....I was no where near drunk enough to attempt 'singing' but C and K were....I promise to play that video at thier 25th wedding anniversary, it was that funny! Our driving was a bit congested in a few areas, but otherwise, it was without problems. Here are some pictures of our trip to the Arch and our Mississippi boat ride.

The Saint Louis Historical Old Courthouse from the top of the Arch.

The St. Louis Cardinals Stadium.

The Martin Luther King Bridge from the boat on the Mississippi River.

Underneath the MLK Bridge.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Need a Good Chuckle?

I promised I wasnt going to post again but while my wee one is napping and my house needs silence, I just HAVE to share something with you. Go over to Dr. Charles place, he has a funny story about his encounter on the street with some big breast implants. This story is honestly funny, Dr. Charles certainly has a great sense of humor.

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I'll see y'all when I get back!

Trippin,Bees,Gender Dysmorphia,Guns, and Death Penalty

Thursday already! This will be my last post until after I return from my little jaunt to St.Louis. I am really looking forward to hanging with my older sis and checking out a few new sites with my nephew. Hubby is already whining about the long car ride......but Im prepared, I have duct tape and benedryl already packed. No, those 2 items are not for my 2 yo toddler terror, I am packing them to use on hubby incase he irritates me with his bitching. I can easily handle son #2 in the car, its hubby who will make me lose it. Good thing my new car has a HUGE trunk. So, if you see a blonde woman with 2 children, duffle bags, and a cooler piled high inside the front of a newer model, white, 4 door sedan, speeding thru Missouri....thats me. Just ignore the banging and hollering coming from the inside of my car's trunk.

Today is going to be a bit hectic. Ive lots of stuff to do before we take off tomorrow morning and one more visit with best friend L.'s parents who are visiting from our hometown in N. MI. My friend is settling nicely into her new home. I am so happy for her. She just beams when talking about her new digs. We havent had a chance to be alone and 'really' talk but weve both been crazy busy. Next week, after everything is settled down, maybe I can talk her into going on the ASPCA trail ride benefit out of B-ville. I hope so!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting A happy news note, early tests show that the Fatal Attack On Great Dane Not From Africanized Bees. Yesterday I reported about how 100's of bees stung and killed a 120lbs great Dane in front of the dog's family. DNA tests show the bees were European, altho the tested bees will be sent to a lab in AZ to rule out any possibility of African lineage. Oh, so are they cross-breeding now? That really sucks. Oklahoma's Agriculture Department (website) says the closest case of Africanized bees to Sand Springs came last year in McIntosh County in Eastcentral Oklahoma. They also say a swarm of European bees can act aggressive if they've been exposed to Africanized bees. SCARY!

This story just amazed me, yes, me..Here is a story about a Wife who'didn't realise husband was a woman' . A transsexual had a 17 year marriage to an heiress but it was nullified when the wife discovered her husband was a woman. After 17 years?!?!! It appears Mr J(the hubby), born with gender dysmorphia, had hormone treatments and his/her breasts removed before, at the age of 30, he met and married Mrs C, then aged 20 and from a wealthy background. Mr J concealed his true gender from her for 17 years, using a homemade penis type thingy for sex. I am just like 'wow' Did this lady never see her husband naked or actually touch it's penis?!?! I guess I will never understand people.... At a hearing, Lord Justice Ward described the marriage as a "travesty" and said that many people would find it quite astonishing that in 17 years of life together Mrs C did not realise she was living with a woman. Umm, yeah!

It appears that more States Signing on to Deadly Force Law and following in Okahoma's steps. I support this law 100%. Part of this law makes it legal for people who feel their lives are in danger to shoot down an attacker and the attacker does not have to be inside your home, you can now protect yourself in a public place. Glad I renewed my concealed weapons permit! That is a $250 well spent as far as I am concerned. 10 states so far this year have passed a version of the law, after FL was the 1st last year. It's already being considered in AZ in the case of a deadly shooting on a hiking trail. The law gives citizens who are protecting themselves immunity from criminal charges and civil liability. The campaign is simply about self-defense, said Oklahoma state Rep. Kevin Calvey, a Republican and author of the law in his state. "Law-abiding citizens aren't going to take it anymore,""It's going to give the crooks second thoughts about carjackings and things like that. They're going to get a face full of lead." Did I vote for this guy? I hope so! Oklahoma Democratic Gov. Brad Henry signed the law and said: "This act will allow law-abiding Oklahomans to protect themselves, their loved ones and their property." He may be a democrat, but I really like Gov. Henry. "The only people that have anything to fear from this type of law is someone who plans on robbing, shooting or raping someone." Of course there are the people who do not support this law, saying it will increase random violence, I think that is B.S. It should stop random violence from happening because criminals need to know that we will protect ourselves and loved ones and use deadly force to do it. I know I would not hesitate for a split second.
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingMy state is working on passing a Bill that Allows Death Penalty For Sex Crimes Against Children . I am so HAPPY about this! I am pro-death penalty, it does need some reform tho, like a shorter appeals process ect.. but if this new law is passed in Oklahoma, it could set precedent for other states, its one step closer to getting these sick f*ckers off the streets permanently. This bill allows the death penalty to be assessed against a person who commits a 2nd sex offense against a child under 14 yo. This new proposal outlines specific crimes that on a 2nd offense against a child under 14yo could subject a person to life in prison or the death penalty. The crimes are anal or oral sodomy, rape, rape by instrumentation and lewd molestation. I should think the death penalty is fitting for such hideous crimes against children! of course I am sure some ACLU freak will jump on this bill saying it is not 'fair' or 'constitutional' or some such crap. But, I think if it passes my state's senate today, which I feel it will, Gov. Henry will feel obligated to sign it. As a mother, this bill speaks volumes on how we value the safety and security of our Nation's children.

yeah, I know Okla uses lethal injection but this picture just looked TONS better for viewing purposes...

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Son's of Barngoddess

Here is a pic of son #1 at Dalton Camp in far Northern Ontario taken last summer. My oldest sister owns this great fishing camp that is only accessible by boat to the cabins and lodge. No electricity....everything is run on generator and propane. In this picture son #2 is taking a nap with one of thier lab pups, this one is named 'Buzz' and all he did was sleep when he was a puppy. But last I heard, he grew out of that.
My family would love to get a lab but instead we had to settle for our little mean 5lbs weenie dog, because of practicality purposes. Its too hot in Oklahoma where we live for a big dog-especially a lab. The creek is a ways away from home and I just think it would be unfair to have a big dog that would have to spend all thier life being shuffled from inside the house to the yard. Our mini-weenie dog Elvis doesnt mind it but hes such a lap dog who hates being outside. He is really going to be pissed when he is stuck inside his dog pen while we are gone to St.Louis! He has an awesome doghouse and plenty of shade, and my father-in-law will be by to check on him and feed/water him 2X a day.

Son #1 loves his dirtbike, I was against the purchase of it and his father always said NO MOTORCYCLES..until they found this one on sale brand new. Son #1 is safe while riding but still...I worry-except for today, because it is broke down! Son #1's dirtbike is needing a part that has to be special ordered and will not be in until after he is already in N.MI...I am happy about that, son #1 is not. I promise not to let my glee show over the situation show...too much.

Son #1 wrote me a poem book for Mother's Day, he had it specially laminated and it looks very nice. I was amazed at his talent for words but really shouldnt have been. He has always been an avid book reader and was just awarded yesterday with 9 other kids in his school for reading the most books. I always told him to read as much as he can, he would learn a lot and knowledge is power. The 'knowledge is power' saying I was told when I was about 14 years old by Sister Maria and has always stuck with me. For a 12 yo boy he did a super job and I told him so, but like his father, when issued praise, he just grinned and changed the subject. Here are 2 of his poems:

I Don't Understand...
I dont understand...
why girls come before boys.
why guys like guys.
why people are drug addicts.
But Most of All...
why people hate black people.
why people are hating on Barry Bonds.
why I am a boy.
What I understand Most...
why I am a good boy.
why I like girls.
why I am tough.

Happiness is bright red. It tastes like AMP energy Drink.

It smells like an orange. It sounds like me hitting shoulder pads with another player.

Happiness makes me want to play football.

Pretty good stuff, eh?

Wednesday's Ramblings

Today I slept in until 6:50 am! I was awakened not by my alarm but my horse whinnying his fool head off worried about his breakfast. It wasnt even late yet. The old guy stands in the corner of his pasture closest to the house where he can see all the going ons so he is not left out, like he would ever be..silly horse!

The specialist that son #2 had an appointment with called yesterday and had a scheduling conflict, he was resceduled until 6/2 which I am so mad about. We waited forever for this appointment and now this morning (the day he was suposed to go to this appt)he woke up sneezing, sniffling, and acting a bit sickly-grrrr all with our upcoming St. Louis trip.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingWhen I got out of bed I hurriedly checked the news and learned that Charlie Gibson will be the new nightly ABC'World News' Anchor and is leaving GMA . In the morning this is my family's favorite news program. It just wont be the same without Charlie sitting next to Diane Sawyer. Also I read that Barbaro showing improvement ! Iam happy about his recovery coming so well.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingThis scared the crap out of me, it was when I read about a Swarm Of Bees Kills Dog In Sand Springs. These bees killed a 120lbs Great Dane . Police say the dog was stung numerous times in the yard of a home at 6:45 last night. The state Agriculture (website ) Food and Forestry Department is investigating whether Africanized Killer Bees were involved. This is nothing to be taken lightly. Those bees are deadly and something to be reckoned with. Sand Springs is a small community NW of Tulsa. We do not have any kind of bees close to our home but we did have to get rid of 3 red Wasps nests. Those buggers are mean and thier sting is very painful, I know personally.

Well, I have lots to do today besides running behind my wee one with a kleenex, poor baby, I hope he gets feeling better.....

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Update on Lewis.....and More

It looks like Lewis the attack cat is going to beat his date with the executioner! It seems that Lewis's owner is not taking the probation and going to court in defense of Lewis. Ruth Cisero, Lewis's owner, withdrew her bid for special probation and opted for a trial because Lewis would have to be euthanized. Even I jumped on the Free Lewis bandwagon and posted a story to keep him alive and free. Here is a quote from one of Lewis's neighbor:
"He attacks from the back," Kettman said."You never see it coming. He has six toes on every foot, which constitutes a very formidable weapon."
Kettman said she was attacked twice by Lewis the cat. "I fear for the people on Sunset Circle," Kettman said. "Whenever you go out, you look in back of you to see if there is anything stalking you."
Kettman says she was a champion racquetball player, but at 76, the retired nurse is no match for Lewis. In the second attack last December, Kettman said Lewis bit her three times and left about eight deep scratches. Poor Granny! Buy some pepper spray.
"He will not retreat," Kettman said. "His mouth is open and his tail is swishing." Umm, here's a clue, do not pet the cat.......
"Also, he gives out mixed signals," Kettman continued. "He would sidle against you and purr. You bend down to pet him and he'd attack you."
Neighbors also say they have been terrorized by Lewis, saying the cat's long claws and stealth have allowed the cat to attack at least a 6 people and ambush the Avon lady as she was getting out of her car. I think the Avon lady was up to no-good and Lewis knew it! Amongst the rumors started, Kettman said "There have been unconfirmed sightings lately of Lewis at 5 a.m." Sounds like sour grapes! A few animal-rights protesters showed up Tuesday wearing T-shirts in support of Cisero and Lewis.
"They want to kill a cat for a scratch," said Marisa Sampieri of Fairfield, one of the cat's supporters. "These people have to get a life." Oh yeah, Marisa says it best-those neighbors need to get a life or maybe this kitty Kentucky Family Fights to Keep'KITTY' Their Pet Lion should move into thier neighborhood and they'll leave poor misunderstood Lewis alone. I want to thank because they have covered Lewis's case extremely well.

Its HOT today, I just came by the bank about an hour ago and it was 99 degrees. I wish I had a pool, even a tiny wading pool.....maybe Ill go to Wal-Mart and buy a kiddie pool. Ours from last year had a hole in it by the end of summer..........

Please check out Southern Sass on Criminal Activity Today she has a post up on a possible serial killer connection with all of the missing/murdered/dead young men in the midwest region. Honestly, it is not as far-fetched as it sounds. And who says serial killers only target women and children?

Giggles and News

Giggle, giggle....ever have the giggles from lack of sleep? I have them today. I cannot stop giggling because my 2 yo is running from one end of the house to the other in true 2 yo fashion, but with his little size 2T shorts pulled up to his chest Erkle style. He looks halarious and everytime he speeds by my desk, he gets fueled by my me! Since Ive been making some of my photos into thumbnails, I think they are easier at loading on the site, but not near as full of detail. I prefer the larger sized images, does blogger have a size limit to how much space our pics hog up? Hmm just wondering. Anyhow, did anyone catch the whole Finale of the Desperate Housewives TV Show ? Occassionally I like to lose all sense of reality and watch the series, usually hubby is the one who gets to watch. He recapped the season finale for me, the parts I did not see. Did the plumber die? You know, Susan's crush? I think we were all left hanging on that one, and Bree...she attracts the psychos doesnt she? Sometimes I feel like a desperate housewife........

My old horse has been cranky the last 2 days. I think hes a bit mad because I havent spent as much time with him as I usually do.
This morning when I was fly spraying him, he actually tried to be a brat, but that didnt last long.

He was just trying to get the best of me.....I gave him a few baby carrots afterwards and he seemed over his crankiness. I think the sudden onset of the Oklahoma summer heat may have something to do with his crabbiness. While I was searching todays news for updates on Barbaro's recovery, which he seems to be doing okay, I came across this article asking Have breeding practices weakened horses? From my point of view, a big fat YES. But, I know nothing about the racehorse breeding other than if they are related to known 'winners'. I do however, know a few things about Halter horses (AQHA) breeding. I know that halter show horses with all of thier genetically mutated bulk are prone to many hoof and leg diseases or injuries. Not suprising since all of thier upper body is massive amounts of rippling muscles. I like horses to look like my man, just enough muscular bulk without that hideous grotesque form that body builders aqcuire. This is just my personal opinion. I know people who are attracted to the oily, veiny bodys of muscle builders, thats just fine with me, it takes a lot of personal strength and will power to turn your own body into something like that!

Best friend L.'s parents are flying into Tulsa today from N.MI for L.'s daughter Roo's 8th grade graduation. OMG I cannot believe she is going to be in high school next year! They are all about finished moving into thier new digs on 20 acres. I am so happy for L. she is also on vacation this week. Son #2 and I are planning an afternoon trip to thier new place today. Roo has no idea her grandparents are flying in today, she will be suprised. And, L.'s parents have no idea about her brand new home! Today will be full of suprises all around....I miss best friend L. and I little excursions on our horses, I hope this summer we get to take a few overnite trail rides. We had so much fun in those days.....

On a serious note, in the news today I read that the Investigation Moving Forward in Jarret Clark's death. The media says an arrest is going to be made this week possibly.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Just Another Day in My Crazy Life

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Today is mercifully almost over. Honestly, getting old really kinda sucks! Even tho I am only 37 yo and rarely feel my years, today is one of those days. Ive been on the go since 6:10 am. My left knee has been throbbing, this is because I was walking across my backyard and stepped in a small hole that appeared overnight, literally. I have no idea where this hole came from but it snuck up on me as I was rolling up the garden hose. It couldnt have been my right leg, oh no... I had to trip with my left leg with my bad knee. Since I had the hardware removed over a year ago, it has been feeling tons better but not after my little trip. I took some ibuprophen, I hope it works soon because I think I threw out all of my good hard narcotics meds during my yearly medicine cabinet cleaning in March..gasp...I know, sometimes I really wonder about an out-dated tylenol #4 or an out-dated vicoden is gonna kill someone, that someone being me. But, some good health news, my sore tooth isint sore anymore, that means no dentist for me!....until August when I have a teeth-cleaning appointment/check-up and even this little appointment can cause me to want to bolt and run. I hate the dentist with a passion even tho I know this appt. isint going to cause any pain, I am still already dreading it. The worse part of my near-fatal car wreck was having to deal with the dentist and a talented Maxillofacial Surgeon , both who treated my extensive mouth injuries from a fractured lower jaw. Anyhow, the Orkin Man came today and my home appears to be bug free, I am very happy about that! Since the bug man was here, before he arrived I washed allof our beddings and hung them out on my very useful clothesline to dry in the breezy fresh air while the boys and I were running errands in town. Luckily we finished early because a very strong thunderstorm was developing and was just about to hit when I grabbed our laundry off the clothesline. It stormed loudly but it didnt last very long.

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Why is it I cannot get away from my manicurist apointment without one smudged nail?!? It never fails, I cannot have 10 perfectly manicured nails. One of them has to have a smudge, even the smallest smudge, but nontheless, one of my nails always has one-grrr. Son #2 pooped in the potty today! I did a little happy dance for him around the bathroom that he found amusing, I praised him all the while hoping he does it again tomorrow.....this evening we went for a super-short trail ride because it is so hot. Son #2's attire of the last couple of days has been his training pants and mostly nothing else, 'cept maybe a light tank-style shirt, sleeveless shirts or going shirtless seems to help his eczema/skin allergies a lot. This afternoon after the short t-storm, I let him run around the yard dragging the garden hose with a trickle of water running out of it, he thought that was awesome fun. 12 yo son #1 today was really getting on my last nerve. Why is it kids that age think they know everything? That they have all the wisdom in the world learned in thier very short 12 years on this earth? I just wanted very badly to duct tape his mouth into silence......I think I'll go lay my tired head down on my freshly washed and lined-dried pillow case and relax under my fresh smelling sheets..nite!

Mondays Ramblings

Barbaro's future is still a 'coin toss' his surgeon's say. Barbaro comes out of surgery looking pretty good from all the media pictures but do not be fooled, his chance of survival is 50/50. After surgery, Barbaro had a dip in a huge swimming pool before he was awakened from sedation, part of New Bolton's renowned recovery system that minimizes injury risks to thrashing horses coming awake. Barbaro was then brought back to his stall, where he could rest.

Barbaro sustained a broken cannon bone above the ankle, a broken sesamoid bone behind the ankle and a broken long pastern bone below the ankle. The fetlock joint( the ankle ) was dislocated also. Barboro'spastern bone was shattered in '20+ pieces'. During the 5 hour surgery, the bones were put in place to fuse the joint by inserting a plate and 23 screws to repair damage so severe that most horses would not be able to survive it. Everyone knows about horses and broken legs(a horse owners worse nightmare), and most horses are generally put down in such an instance. Horse's legs have basically no muscles in them, they need thier strong leg bones to evenly distribute thier weight on thier 4 hooves. My friends who own horses and love them like me, know exactly just how horrible this injury really is and the tremendous miracle that Barbaro is still alive and sorta 'standing on all fours'. I hope he makes a successful and speedy recovery. Barbaro is a winner.......lets hope he wins this last race for his life.

The Nation's racing fans and horse-lovers watched Barbaro at The Preakness when he was injured. You can read more about the awful accident here .

This is 18yo Jarret Clark, you can read about his fatal camping trip with friends here, PT.2 , and this post Jarret Clark's Body Found. I rec'ved a few comments from an anonymous individual who is very close to this case and possibly related to the alleged attacker. I am posting thier comments even tho I have no proof of what they say is true but I think this side of the story needs told. If anything comes out in the media to substantiate anything mentioned, I will post it asap.

"I am the brother of 2 of the witnesses i got to hear the whole story before anyone had except for a wagoner county sheriff. It was sun. about 730 pm me and my brother and sister and her bf were at my moms house for mothers day and we were out back sitting around a table when they told me what had happened that early morning. They had said jarret had told them that he had 13-20 xanax bars and drank a fifth of whiskey (thats a lot of drugs in your system) . They said he had been flirting with my brothers GF but nothing big and i know my brother and his gf they really dont care who flirts with who. They have been together for awhile, but when my brother went to his truck to get some blankets he said he seen jarret crawl in the tint with his gf so he snuck around the tint ease dropping and he didnt like what was going on so he grabbed jarrets ankles pulled him out of the tint jarret got up and they were bumping chest and thats when my sisters bf came over and broke it up. my brother got mad at his gf and started packing his stuff up. (he never said why he was mad at her but i think she may have came on to jarret also im not sure thats just how he made it sound) Then thats when my sister started packing also and jarret had left the camp site but only for a few minutes. When he came back he was upset because he thought they were trying to steal his car, but he did not realize that he had rode up there with Brandon my brother. He was upset enough that he wanted to fight my brother, but my brother never fought him instead he just kept loading his stuff up while arguing with his gf. Thats when jarret went to my sisters bf demanding his keys back. They argued for awhile until it turned into a fight where they exchanged a couple punches and then jarret had her bf in a head lock, but he had got out of it and my sister said lets go so thats when they all left and the last place they seen jarret was going into the woods. They shined there lights in the woods but didnt see him. That is what i heard last sun. take it for what its worth. I am very sorry for what has happened and my heart goes out to all of Jarret Clarks friends and especially Family.God bless all. "

"Detective Haley had spoken with all of them Monday and Tuesday they all went to show the detective where they were. The detective asked questions to each one of them individually. Wednesday They were all hanging low because of death threats and thursday Th body was found and the OSBI was questioning them all from 11 am to 330 pm then they all still layed low and friday the news had announced that the autopsy reports showed no physical trauma done to the body and friday night the chemical autopsy on the body had began and i know nothing else from there. "

Maybe Jarret Clark was heavily under the influence of too many chemicals and became disoriented after this fight and wandered off into the woods, then accidentally drowned, maybe.......maybe not. Until the autopsy results are known to the public, I can only speculate. But, 13-20 Xanax bars and a fifth of whiskey consumed by a 165lbs 18yo kid seems a bit much. I would think he would be unconcious and barely breathing than putting the make on someone else's girlfriend. I know about xanax, I used to pack around a huge RX bottle of them from my physician, especially after my near fatal car accident. This is a medicine that works wonders for people who need it and it is highly addictive if not used properly. 2 xanax bars would have rendered me unconcious even after I had a tolerance built up to the drug....


St.Louis, here we come! I am getting really excited about our trip this friday. Even tho, St.Louis is not a new place for me, I love this city. My sis just emailed me and she said she cant wait either. The last time we were at the GatewayArch no trams were going up to the top because of a possible terrorist threat. I hope this trip we can go up to the top. I know hubby will decline, he hates heights!


MEN! What is with males of all ages and thier fascination with body functions and sounds? OMG! My 12yo on his way home from school friday informed me of his trip to the boys restroom after lunch. He said "No more school charburgers for me!"I do not need details! Especially ones with graphic noises. As long as everything is working, I do not need details. Then this morning, hubby strolls down the hallway and lets one rip. Gag! It lingered for about 20 minutes, even AFTER the air-freshner was sprayed and ventilation was provided. Son #1 heard him in the kitchen and shouts "wow, that was a good one dad!" Son #2, okay I cut him some slack because he is only 2 yo and still amazed at his own little, body ran down the hallway, sniffed and ran back to report to me that "Daddy farted and hes stinky". If theres a farter, son #2 will bust them, and he'll tell everyone within hearing who farted and where.

I have a busy day planned after the Orkin Man gets here in about 15 minutes. So, y'all have a super monday and stay safe.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

A Change in Plans

My family had made 'tentative' plans today to go see "A T.rex Named Sue" at the Sam Noble Museum of Natural History in Norman, OK. but we changed our minds. Its about a 4 hour drive from our home to Norman. Yesterday we spent several hours in the car for the wedding we attended and this Friday we will be in the car the entire day. We are driving to St. Louis MO to meet my favorite sister, my nephew and his family who are driving down from N. MI. We'll all be spending the Memorial Day weekend there and doing some sight-seeing and hanging out. Son #1 is going back home with them until his father and I go get him later this summer. Son #1 absolutely thrives up North in the summers with my family and he is so much looking forward to this trip. So, I figured the less time our 2yo son #2 spends in his car seat until our big trip to MO, the better off we all may be!

Son #2 doesnt have school tomorrow, another extra unused snowday! His last day of school is thursday but I am thinking of letting him skip wednesday if it is just a classroom cleaning day and having him come to Tulsa with his brother and I. Son #2 has an MD's appointment that day with a specialist to see about his skin allergies and his recurrent ear infections. Son #2 might behave a little better with someone other than his 'mother' to entertain him.

Early this morning son #1, his friend, and hubby were watching some movie on TV before going fishing. Of course, I was busy doing my usual chores, I am not allowed the luxury of sitting thru an entire movie. In the movie it showed the characters drinking Absinthe. I happened to be walking thru the living room where they all were flopped around watching the TV, except son #2, he was jumping on the couch and making faces at himself in the mirror. I heard son #1 ask his father what absinthe was. Naturally, hubby being the 'man' he is, did not hear the question he was asked because he was in that 'zone' where all men go when they watch a television. That place where all thier attention is soley on the TV and what it is transmitting. As I was picking up the area rugs to take outside for a good shaking, I heard son #2 ask his father for a 3rd time in a louder voice. Hubby answered back "ask your mom, she might know" Yeah, I know what it is, but I'd never tell hubby that. Awhile back, he was standing over my shoulder when I was proof reading Ramblings From The Reservation: The Green Fairy . Hubby had no idea that this post was one of my real life experiences when he was able to read a small part of it. He just thought I was looking at some website. I shooed him away before he was able to read much of it. I hurried outside to get my area rugs clean and took my time doing it. After about 10 minutes when I returned indoors that part of the movie was over and done with. I packed them a cooler of iced tea, apples, 3 sandwiches, and a bag of chips for thier fishing trip and sent them happily on thier way ( after distracting son #2 from thier departure with his coloring books and non-toxic crayons).

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Undefeated Barbaro is Injured...

sniff sniff....The undefeated horse and Kentucky Derby Winner, Barbaro suffered 2 fractures above and below the ankle on his right hind leg during the Preakness Stakes. The injury occurred in the 1st hundred yards after the field of 9 horses broke from the starting gate. Barbaro, was in the middle of the pack when he suddenly dropped back and was favoring his right rear leg. It's reported to be a serious fracture and will require major surgery to repair. Of course this awful event upset fans and even worse for the ones who viewed Barbaro being loaded into an equine ambulance and driven away,with his right hind leg in an inflatable equine cast. Barbaro was taken back to his barn, where he was X-rayed, tranquilized and stabilized before being transported the University of Pennsylvania's New Bolton Center, a veterinary hospital, in Kennett Square, Pa. Dr. Larry Bramlage of the American Association of Equine Practitioners said this about Barbaro's injury: "It's a serious fracture. This will require pretty major surgery. ... Keep your fingers crossed and say a prayer. His career is over. This is very life threatening. Under the best circumstances, we will try to save him as a stallion. A human would have to spend six weeks in bed with a comparable fracture, with a horse that's impossible."

This Triple Crown hopeful is now out of the race for the most coveted spot in Thoroughbred history. My heart is heavy tonite with this devastating news....

Barbaro's career is over, he is unable to race again. I hope he has a retirement full of lush green fields with a few of his buddies to run with and beautiful mares to breed. He did afterall, win the Kentucky Derby and was undefeated his whole racing career. If his owners dont want him, I'd be thrilled to have him in my pasture. Y'all know I have a soft spot for bays. A big thanks to Cowgirl and Magz for the heads up on the news that Barbaro was injured at Pimlico. sniff sniff. Since I was out of town at a wedding, I was out of touch with basically everything important: like the news, radio, my puter, cell phone, ect.. A non-drinking reception of vegetarian food, coffee, and tea followed the nuptials. What is with people who do not eat red meat? I am slightly suspicious of others who do not eat red meat.........but thats nothing new, I am suspicious of everyone!

I Want To Runaway....

Saturdays are supposed to be relaxing and fun. Nope, not around my house! I have to attend as wedding out of town and I'd much rather spend this lovely weathered saturday in the saddle. Sitting in a stuffy church on a hard pew with a bunch of people I barely know just is not my idea of fun. But, being the sort-kinda nice person I am, I'll suffer thru it in my dress and heels. It is hubby's nephew who is marrying and I like the kid, hes pretty neat. One thing about this marriage I find a bit odd, they met online thru a church-group about 2 years ago. This was the 1st time I ever knew anyone personally, who had an online relationship. The very idea just kinda wierds me out, but....oh well! I do not know much about the girl he is marrying, shes very quiet, but they seem to get along well. I bought them a cordless hand-mixer as a gift. I know, it may sound corny, but I have one and I LOVE IT! Also, it was on thier wedding gift wishlist, I doubt anyone else bought them one. Mine was not a gift, I bought it for myself. Since I am running late as usual, todays post has to be short. Guess you all lucked out today!
These are my spurs, they are awful dirty. I wish someone would clean them and give them a good polish......
Have a super saturday!

Friday, May 19, 2006

Liquor Store Bound and My War on Spiders

WARNING: the Brown Recluse Spider Bites link is VERY graphic, so let yourself be warned......

In Oklahoma, we do not have the luxury of walking into just any kind of store and being able to purchase alcohol. Nope, we have to go to the Liquor Store, which is open mon-sat 10am-9pm. Closed on all holidays. Unless you reside in a dry county-then your just SOL. Luckily, I do not live in a dry county nor would I ever. My bottle of Quervo is dangerously low, so I need to restock another gallon. Also on my list is a bottle of good solid red wine to go with tonites dinner, maybe something local. I have some New York Strips thawing out for the grill this evening. It looks like hubby will be late tonite because he is spending the day with some EPA guys. Hubby was up at 5 am and gone by 5:30 am to drive to the southern part of Oklahoma. He actually looks forward to his EPA dealings regarding his well sites. He follows the EPA guidelines and he is is sorta-buddies with 2 of the inspectors, they share a love of Chevrolets, old and new. Ive met these 2 fellows and they seem like pretty cool guys considering thier job. Since Hubby was long gone by the time oldest son #1 needed to be shuttled up to school, it was my duty to give him a ride. Its about a 15 mile one way trip from our front door to his school. We left a little early and stopped at the Sonic Drive Inn so the boys could eat some breakfast. I didnt feel like cooking but felt guilty thinking about son #1 going to school without breakfast. We were almost to the school when son #1 says," oh, Im like .90 cents in the whole on my lunch account mom." Okay, no problem. We are lucky enough that our families income puts us in the PAY FULL price bracket when it comes to school lunches. About $175 a school year. It just depends on if son #1 eats breakfast AND lunch at school. Anyhow, I look in my wallet and I only have 1 $100 dollar bill and 3 twenties. My checkbook is at home. My son needs atleast $5 to finish out the school year, so I turn around and send him into the gas station for change. Back to the school we go and I drop him off. Son #2 (2yo) and I are about half way home and my cell phone rings, its son #1-he needs his trumpet that is inside the trunk of my car. I do an illegal U-turn and speed back to town(about 7mi). Son #1 is waiting for me outside his school doors because he knows I am in my PJ's still (t-shirt and flannel pants) and will NOT come into the school. While he's getting his trumpet out of my car, I see a bunch of people on the school grounds chasing around a brown chicken, hmmm. So, I leave the school and get back on the highway towards home when son #2 realizes his older brother 'Bubba' isint coming with us. Son #2 screamed "bubba!" repeatedly and threw french fries and french toast stix balls in protest at me the rest of the way home. No problem, when we got to the house, I just let our little weenie dog Elvis into the car and he ate like a king, better than a vacuum! When i reached inside the house, the phone was ringing which I missed by a matter of seconds, caller ID said it was the Orkin man who was sceduled to come today. I call him back and the Orkin man says, a relative of his wife's passed away and he has to drive her to MO for the funeral which is tomorrow and he cannot do my house until monday. "Great!" Im thinking, "whats one more day with ants and spiders?" Yesterday I almost broke my neck trying to snuff out a mean little brown spider on my bedroom ceiling. I was standing on the bed, broom in one hand, spider spray in the other and the spider decided to drop itself on mybed very near me. Well, you get the picture....I even broke a fingernail which made me mad because my manicure appointment isint until monday. The brown spider I killed was probably a Brown recluse spider. These nasty little spiders are all over Oklahoma. They are highly poisonous and much more populated than the Black Widow Spider. This is what a Brown Recluse Spider Bites looks like....IF YOU ARE WEAK-STOMACHED, DO NOT LOOK! So, for all of you that viewed the spider-bite photos, you understand why I am so freaked out about a little spider....

On the upside, today is friday! woohoo! and my house smells wonderful because at 7 am this morning, while I was out feeding the horses, my 2 yo poured out an entire jug of the economy sized Concentrated Downey Fabric Softerner Liquid onto the living room carpet, very near the front door. I am still occassionally scrubbing at it, its harder than heck to get out~

Today, this is my motto:

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Gee, What a Great Dad-Not!

Oklahoma City Bombing Conspirator Terry Nichols's Son Goes To Prison In Nevada. It appears that Nichols sent an 18 page letter pleading for leniency to a Nevada judge who sentenced Nichols' son to up to 4 years in prison for assaulting two police officers. Also in the letter Nichols stated that Timothy McVeigh manipulated him into taking part in the bombing and that his son was devastated because he couldn't get anyone to renew the bombing investigation. Josh Nichols was sentenced yesterday after being convicted in March of assault with a deadly weapon, resisting arrest, battery and possession of a stolen car. He was arrested October '05 after dragging two Las Vegas police officers who tried to stop him after seeing him get into a stolen car. What a great dad! yeah, right, more like what an idiot. Umm, I think 4 years is a bit light in the sentencing.....but then again, I think any kind of assault on our Nations peace keepers is a big deal.

This evil little man should not even be allowed postal rights as he rots in prison! The 168 innocent people he knowingly murdered do not have any rights. As for his excuses, someone duct tape his idiot mouth shut, this piece of garbage deserves nothing, let alone air to breathe.

Jarret Clark's Body Found

Sad update. Jarret Clarks Body Found. His body was found in a lake near Sequoyah Bay State Park. That's in Wagoner County near Fort Gibson Lake. Ive posted 2 previous posts here Jarret Clark,Beaten & Missing PT.2 and here Jarret Clark,Beaten & Missing. I hope whoever is responsible, even indirectly, for this young mans death is held accountable. My heart goes out to the loved one's of Jarret Clark.

Thursday Already

Crowds. I do not like crowds. I havent always felt that way, just about the last 3-4 years. I used to attend concerts, functions, fairs ect.. and was never bothered. But recently, I find myself dreading any kind of crowd situation, especially indoor crowds. Outdoor crowds I can easily handle. Well, tonite is an indoor school function that I have to attend in support of my 12yo son. I am looking forward to watching son #1 playing his trumpet and already have the video cam/camera ready to go. Unfortunately, our one and only baby-sitter, has a school function of her own she cannot miss. This means our toddler terror will also be in attendance. Hubby and I will drive seperate vehicles, if son #2 starts to get loud and fidgety, hubby and son #2 will come on home. I hope tonite goes well.

An update about Jarret Clark. The young 18yo man who flirted with another young man's girlfriend while out on a camping outing. Jarret Clark was beaten badly and then left alone out in the Sequoyah Bay State Park near the Wahoo Bay by the alleged attacker jealous boyfriend. The alleged attacker has told many people that he did in fact beat up Jarret Clark and left him with his face in the dirt. The only sign of Jarret Clark after this attack is that his shoes and jacket have been found. The alleged attacker is rumoredly still dodging law enforcement and is/was in possession of Jarret Clark's cell phone. In my post Jarret Clark,Beaten & Missing PT.2 the last person to have spoken to Jarret on his own cell phone before his attack was his ex-girlfriend who he had asked to come out to the lake. Since the alleged attacker and a few other kids that were the last to see Jarret Clark alive are still hiding from police....I cannot but think Jarret Clark has been a victim of foul play.

This is not the kind of kitty I want residing in my neighborhood, rural as it is....this big cat would not be welcome. That was my first thought when I read about the Kentucky Family Fights to Keep Their Pet Lion. A married mother of 3 children who keeps a 400 lb lion in a 300-square-foot chain-link cage said she thinks of this animal as her own child. But a few neighbors disagree with Melissa Collins about her 'pet'. A county ordinance that would bar animals deemed "inherently dangerous" by the state of Kentucky is up for a vote this Friday. If it passes, Kitty(The lion) would no longer be allowed to stay in his rural neighborhood, where homes are within a few yards of each other. When Melissa Collins was asked whether she considered her lion to be dangerous, Collins insisted that any pet can be unpredictable. She doesn't feel that Kitty, thier pet lion (400lbs!) is a threat to her 5yo and 1yo boys or 3yo daughter. okay......Im not too worried about my horses getting loose, mauling a few humans, and consuming thier flesh nor am I too worried about my 5 lbs weenie dog, jumping our fence and attacking unsuspecting children playing in my rural neighborhood! I am not too worried about my neighboring rancher's herd of cattle rushing thier fence and attacking my boys and I while were outside in our yard or pastures. The Collins purchased Kitty the male lion when he was a 5lbs cub at a flea market. Collins said he obtained a state permit to bring the lion into Kentucky and a license to keep it in Floyd County Kentucky. I certainly do not want anything bad to happen to this magnificent beast but they are wild animals from a different country.....leave them there! I hope 'Kitty' has a safe and happy future on a wild animal reserve somewhere far from people's homes..

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Moon Madness

Kari over at Down & Out In Arkansas commented she was kinda cranky today like me. So, I thought I'd check the moon phase and see if a Full Moon was upon us. Nope! It is not. The last full moon was May 13th, 2006 and the next one is June 11th, 2006. So, I cant blame my crabbiness on the moon phase. Maybe its PMS, but I dont think so. Maybe I need a vacation from my family.....I bet that is the answer!

Anyhow, I have always liked the moon. It is my favorite in our solar system which has only 9 planets but it has over 137 moons. So, I thought some moon trivia would be fun.

  • The moon is 4.5 billion years old
  • It has a mass of 73'490'000'000'000'000 million kg and is egg shaped
  • It is 23,8896 miles from Earth
  • To travel around the moon would take 4 days by car. To get to the moon from earth: 130 days by car...13 hours by rocket
  • The same side of the Moon always faces the Earth
  • Due to a loss of orbital energy to gravity from the Earth, the Moon is very gradually moving away from the Earth. In the early history of the Earth, the Moon looked about 3X larger in size in the sky, because it was closer to the Earth
  • The Moon's surface is about the same now as it was 3 billion years ago. The astronauts' footprints remain unchanged on the Moon's surface
  • The moon causes many of the tides in the Earth's oceans. This is because of the gravity force between the Earth and Moon. At full Moon and new Moon, the Sun, Earth and Moon are lined up, producing the higher than normal tides (called spring tides, for the way they spring up). When the Moon is at first or last quarter, smaller neap tides form
  • The moon is not made of cheese and I have no idea what it consists of!

myspace, glitter graphics When I was a kid, I can remember at night just staring at the moon and wishing I could see a martian man or something. My cousins and I were always star-gazing and my Uncle J. knew the constellations and would show them to us. I wish I had paid better attention to them so now I would be able to show my kids. I ve shown them the big/little dippers but thats about all I remember. We have a decent working telescope that my hubby bought for son #1 a few years ago. When Venus and the last comet showers were easy to see, we got up in the middle of the night and took a look at them. It was pretty neat.