Saturday, April 08, 2006

Free Lewis, Now it is Save Lewis!

This is Lewis the 5 yo cat from Fairfield, CT. Otherwise known as " Terrorist of Sunset Circle". Lewis is under house arrest. He has made international headlines. Lewis now has a profile on He's accused of attacking 6 people in a Fairfield neighborhood during a three-year span. One neighbor claimed she was attacked twice. Lewis has been quarantined 3 times by Animal Control officers, but officers said the most recent attack was the final straw. The victim's bite wounds and scratches so severe, she had to be treated at a local ER(right!). A local Avon lady, attacked last year, has filed a lawsuit against Lewis's family in Superior Court. Well, maybe the ole Avon Lady was up to no good?!?....

The restraining order allowed Lewis to roam the neighborhood during certain hours of the day and night, but the cat apparently broke the rules and his owner was arrested. Surfers can visit to view his member profile, created by out-of-state fans who admit they have never met Lewis. Fairfield Animal Control Officer Rachel Solveira issued a restraining order on Lewis after determining he posed a potential threat to town residents. Ruth Cisero, Lewis's owner, gave him Prozac twice a day for two months in an effort to fix any bad behavior, but Lewis was taken off the drug when she felt he was suffering a negative reaction. Solveira arrested Cisero for failing to comply with the restraining order and for reckless endangerment after Lewis escaped the house and attacked another person. One victim, Donna Greenstein, sued Cisero following the attack. (what a stupid witch!) Cisero confirmed that Lewis is under lifelong house arrest and that now one of the victims is pushing to have him euthanized. "My biggest fear is someone reporting that [Lewis] got out when he has not, and I will be arrested again," Cisero said. She has a hearing at Bridgeport Superior Court on April 25. Poor Lewis, he does not deserve the Death Penalty!!!

Save Lewis!! I think Lewis is misunderstood and probably attacked people who deserved it. It is ridiculous that 'someone' wants him put to sleep for just being a cat. I would much rather have Lewis as my neighbor than any one pit bull I know........
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Blogger Assorted Babble by Suzie said...

I heard about this case the other day. (smiling-lol) I Lewis!!! (smiling)

7:41 PM  
Blogger Dreaming again said...

This poor baby. A) I'm an animal lover. B) cat or dog. C) even pit bulls (yea, I love animals event hat much!)

I feel so bad for this poor kitty! But I can't help but laughing!

When we get our house in Broken Arrow, the next door neighbors
have two pit bulls. In cages and it breaks my heart! Geesh ...don't have them in the city if they have to be caged ...and why do you have to have them caged? have you mistreated them to the point that you do?????

The real problem I'm going to have of them is a blonde pit bull, my in laws had the most loving, sweet kind blonde pit bull that I just adored ... it is so sad just laying there in the cage. Not equating that caged dog to Feller ...:*(

Oh I am a sap when it comes to animals aren't I?

7:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love cats and dogs...however, if you cant control your animal's behavior, they should not be allowed to run loose. No animal or human should be allowed to run loose if they will harm others unprovoked.

BTW... Good thing it wasnt me that Lewis harmed... he would not have liked what I would have done to him in return.

3:10 PM  

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