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2 Boys Missing in Milwaukee **UPDATED**

UPDATED at bottom

Milwaukee, WI two boys, ages 11 and 12, who were outdoors playing vanished on Sunday, 3/19/06. From news reports its states that Quadrevion Henning and his friend, Purvis Parker, were doing what all boys at thier age do, playing outside. They asked for a bit more time to play and were allowed it, but when dusk came and Dre (Quadrevion) did not return to his Grandfather's home, his family became alarmed. They searched for him without any luck, then returned home and called police a few hours after Dre did not come home at the specified time. Also, Dre is living with his grandfather because his father's Army Reserve Troop was deployed to Iraq in 2003. His father has since returned to Huntsville, Texas. Dre's grandfather also has said that Dre was only allowed outside within a 2 block radius, if Dre could not see his home, he was too far, a rule he fully seemed to agree with.
As the mother of a 12 year old boy, I am under the impression that boys thier age are adventurous but at the same time, they have developed some decent decision making skills. From all counts about these 2 boys, they are well liked and seem like pretty good kids. Someone would have had to lure or physically snatch them to keep them away from thier families for this long. My own son, as grown up as he likes to think he is, still is young enough, he wants to be at home with his father and I.
It is always a possibility these boys just 'took off' on thier own accord trying be independant and do thier own thing, that is not unheard of. However, from all counts in the news, these 2 kids come from fairly stable families and are good students liked by thier teachers. I also, as a mother of a 12 year old boy, know for a FACT, teachers do not like trouble makers. These boys seemed to be doing well in school and not having an behavior problems.
There has been a reward offered in the amount of $17,000 hoping someone saw something and will come forward. Money is a huge motivator regardless of the situation at hand, I hope this works.
And...someone seeing something is NOT always the case. Lots of things, especially CRIMES, happen and not one person witnesses the act. All it takes is seconds.
"(AP) MILWAUKEE Searchers planned to bring in more tracking dogs Thursday and increase the search area to help find two Milwaukee boys who disappeared while playing outside Sunday and haven't been seen since."We absolutely don't have any information about where they would be and why they would leave of their own accord," police spokeswoman Anne E. Schwartz said Thursday at a news conference. "We just simply don't know where they are."They planned to expand Thursday the search area outside the 100 square blocks they had been concentrating on, she said. Police also planned to bring in tracking dogs from northern Illinois......."
entire story is here:
I am optimistic tho, the FBI is setting up a mobile command unit to help find these 2 boys. The Feds have all kinds of methods to find people that our usual Law Enforcements do not have access to. This is great but it can also mean there are some things that are NOT being released to the public. These kinds of things are what nightmares are made of. I truly hope the latter is not the case.
Here is the information as stated at the Natinal Center for Missing and Exploited Children website:

Endangered Missing
DOB: Sep 26, 1993 Missing: Mar 19, 2006 Age Now: 12 Sex: Male Race: Black Hair: Black Eyes: Brown Height: 5'4" (163 cm)Weight: 110 lbs (50 kg)Missing From:MILWAUKEE, WI United States
Companion DOB: Sep 20, 1994 Sex: Male Race: Black Hair: Black Eyes: Brown Height: 5'0" (152 cm)Weight: 120 lbs (54 kg)
Quadrevion and Purvis were last seen on March 19, 2006 at approximately 3:30 p.m. playing basketball. They have not been seen since. Quadrevion was last seen wearing a blue hooded sweatshirt and black jeans. He was also wearing red, white, and blue shoes. Purvis was last seen wearing a white t-shirt and gray jogging suit.
The panic that grips a parent's or grandparent's heart when thier young one does not come home on time is crippling, no matter how long it lasts, minutes to hours. On more than one occassion, my oldest son, who is normally very punctual, has been late or misunderstood the time he was expected home. These very few times have nearly sent me to the hospital in a fit of panic. When he was found fine and unharmed, I was not sure whether I should hug him or whip him. We live in a very rural area with very little crime, but the chance of something bad happening, accidental or foul play is always there. I cannot imagine the fear and terror inside these 2 boy's loved one's hearts. I can only hope they are returned or come home on thier own accord safely.

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children1-800-843-5678
Milwaukee Police Department (Wisconsin) 1-414-935-7401

Police have announced this case has now became a criminal investogation-meaning they believe a crime has been committed. Doesnt sound good for these 2 boys. It seems as tho one of the boy's father has been arrested and held on a probation violation. Not a lot of info in the news about the guy. If I have the name correct (not sure, so I cannot post the info for liability reasons!) but this dude has a record, numerous drug charges AND convictions........also word around the sleuthing boards is there is a NO SNITCH policy amongst the kids in the neighborhood and Law Enforcement is seeking a few kids because they believe they know something. Could the 2 missing boys have been snatched because of a drug debt/deal gone bad?
Heres the latest:

News about Purvis Parker's father being held:
**UPDATE 4/15*****************
Two decomposed bodies were found Friday night in a lagoon where searchers have looked for two Milwaukee, Wisconsin, boys who disappeared nearly a month ago, police said.
entire story here:
The 2 bodies have been identified as Quadrevion Henning, 12, and Purvis Parker, 11, and they had drowned reported Dr. Jeffrey Jentzen of the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner's office. No foul play was involved.
entire story here:


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