Friday, March 24, 2006

Serial Killer in Daytona Beach*UPDATE*

A serial killer is stalking the Daytona Beach, FL area. 3 murdered women have been linked to 1 killer. LaQuetta Mae Gunther, Julie Ann Green, and Iwana Patton were shot execution style. Gunther's partially clothed body was found in an Alley on North Beach Street on 12/26/06. She was laying in a fetal position. Green was found dumped at a construction site on 1/14/06 off of LPGA Blvd. Patton's body was discovered in a wooded area near Williamson Blvd. and Mason Ave. Nothing else has been released about all 3 crime scenes. Police have said each of the women lived a "high-risk" lifestyle but would'nt go into details. Records show that Gunther was arrested for prostitution in 2004, Green had several drug arrests, and Patton had been arrested on a misdemeanor battery charge.

From various news articles it appears thier friends on the streets believe the 3 women knew thier killer. Here is what 38 year old veteran prostitute Sandra Parker, said "The person who killed these women is someone they knew, they would not get in a car with just anyone because they had their regulars. They were cheap regulars, but they were regulars."
Parker who has been a prostitute for 25 years along Ridgewood Ave has earned her name "Queen Bee". Parker said none of the prostitutes who work on Ridgewood Avenue, including the three victims, would leave the area with a customer seeking sex.
"They all do it (have sex) around here," she said. "That's why I'm almost sure that these women had sex here in this area, were shot, and then the killer took the women and dumped their bodies."
A resident who remained anonymous, lives nearby on Cottrill Avenue agreed with what Parker said. He pointed out the several areas near his residence where prostitutes take their customers. Vacant lots strewn with beer cans and bottles, makeshift beds and filthy pillows and cushions.
Now theres another woman missing in the Daytona area. Police are worried she may be the 5th victim. Teresa Mills has been missing since monday when she left her home on foot to search for a waitress job. A Daytona police officer found Mill's purse hanging on a dumpster in a vacant lot and called a phone number inside and Mill's roommate answered the phone. Mill's has a history of drug abuse but has been clean for 1 year. No history of prostitution.
Earlier this week, police warned there could be another murder victim. The first three women were killed toward the end of each month, December, January and February. Now, it is near the end of March. Mill's friends are fearing the worse for her well being.
Some things are strange, I thought, inregards to this serial killer. One, the execution style shootings. Very impersonal, not the norm for serials. Two, if the killer is known to the victims (especially a regular customer), why did he murder women he knew? In Mills case, nothing says the serial killer snatched her, but if he did, is his MO escalating by taking a woman (not a prostitute) off the street?
The police are seeking a man for these murders but have not given out any other details. DNA was not mentioned. I feel some type was obtained as evidence because they are calling the killer a man. They may have linked the murders thru the firearm. For whatever reason, Law Enforcement has a concrete reason to believe the killer is a man. Which makes me assume some male DNA possibly obtained from one or more of the victims.
I certainly hope Mills hasnt fallen victim to the killer. Maybe she went on a binge and spun herself out, or hooked up with a boyfriend.
Hopefully the ladies of the night in Daytona are prepared and watching each others backs. Look how long Ridgeway's killing spree went on for.....
Mills has been located safe, but in a crack house on a drug binge. She admitted to throwing away her own purse. Entire story here:


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