Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Cheltenham Racing, The Bad Side Of It

A Very Bad Day
Five horses died on a single day of the famous Cheltenham Racing Festival last week, making it the worst racing day for horses in a decade. Charity group Animal Aid claims Cheltenham is the most hazardous course in the world and that 375 horses are raced to death in the UK annually.(Dave Shopland, SIPA Press)
Anyone ever having rode a horse at a gallop knows the strength of a powerhouse on 4 legs, nothing can achieve a high like riding a fast horse at a full out gallop. But, to ride a horse at full pace in a race with other horses within inches or less over jumps as high as 6 ft, and on unsturdy footing? Crazy and suicidal, for both horse and rider. Sure, in my younger years, L. and I raced all over the countryside on our much loved horses, over streams, fallen trees, ect.. Soaring over even a small obstacle on a horse can make a rider feel like they are flying, but it is not worth endangering your life and your horse's life to be first at the finish line. I understand these animals are trained athletes and strong competitors, but to lose 9 horses in 1 race week-something is DEAD wrong, in my opinion.
This year (2006) alone at Cheltenham 9 horses were killed. Fatalities are inevitable when the ground rides fast and half ton animals are hurling themselves over 5-6 foot jumps at a break-neck pace. Speed kills. Why were so many horses many killed? It demands an investigation.............

As the wind swept over the saddle, it turned to a mixture of bright colors and painted the world.- Ronan Warriors


Blogger Rude1 said...

Good Lord! And to think those folks were all in an uproad over there (UK) about fox hunts not long ago because of the killing of (wild) foxes. There better be similar outrage over the needless deaths of so many domestic animals. I agree with you, I want an investigation.

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Anonymous kristy said...

Hi Barngoddess,
Thanks for stopping by today. I've been reading some of your entries, and you must have been horrified about my horse-related post! Sorry about that. I do actually love horses too--used to do a lot of riding in my teens. I miss it.

I am also a "waster of higher education"--love that description!

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