Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Thats Ms. Cranky Rubber Nuggets To You!

Yesterday evening the weather was wonderful. Yeah, I know, I yak about the weather too much. But I like being outside and I appreciate 'perfect' weather. I think it comes from being raised in N. MI which might as well be the North Pole for about 6-7 months out of a year.

I was just too tired or lazy to saddle up so S. (2yo) and I took a stroll in our neck of the woods.
I took my camera along on our hour long walk.

And snapped some pictures of whatever caught my eye at that moment. Those are 2 calfs nursing off this mamacow, The brown calf doesnt belong to her but shes letting her nurse.


This morning dawned bright and wayyyy to early for me. When my still exhausted feet hit the floor I realized I needed more sleep and I was extremely cranky. About 1:30 am hubby woke me up because S. was itchy in his sleep. My 2 yo is allergic to everything and I am constantly ,per his physicians orders, doping him with benedryl and slathering RX cream over his little itchy body. S. has an appointment on 5/24 in Tulsa to see just exactly what is causing his itchiness, its usually followed by an outdoor excursion or coming into contact with a new soap or it just happens for no apparent reason. Last nite S. had gotten out of bed and ended up on the living room couch hollering for (mom!). I suppose it was my fault because I skipped 2 benedryl doses because I do not like the side-affects of the med sometimes and really, is it very good for this little guy to be doped with it every day? His MD seems to think so, but as a mother, I disagree. So, an almost full body RX itchy cream body rub was in order and then little S. insisted on being rocked to sleep by mom but daddy had to be in the same room. Of course hubby flopped his ass on the couch and went promptly back to snoring, LOUDLY. While rocking S. I fantasized about ending that annoying snoring with a heavy pillow firmly planted over hubby's mouth but quickly came back to reality when I realized if I snuffed him out, I'd probably have to get a job because life insurance monies only goes so far. And then, what if I got caught and was sent to prison?!?!! oh well, it was a nice fantasy while it lasted....

I am horribly cranky today because, oh, its just easier to write a list why!

1. this morning, after I cooked the last of the breakfast ham for my hubby and boys, I went to get myself a bite for breakfast and it was all hogged up. So, I looked into my fridge and pantry. Nothing to eat. Upon inspection of the freezer and I found some frozen chicken nuggets, about 6. I micro'd them and consumed thier little rubbery forms. I would have preferred toast or even a brown spotted banana.

2. S. who refuses to potty train, ran off and crapped his britches while I was loading the washing machine. I had just closed the lid and heard him grunting in the hallway where he'd snuck off to. ahhhhhh! Yesterday he spent a total of probably 2-3 hours on his potty chair, if you add up all of the trips!

3. My 12 yo N. never brings home any papers from school. You know the notes with information for the parents? Those papers never reach me. I am always verbally informed, and usually at the last minute. We have football physicals for next year already since N. is going into junior high. Those physicals are today. I was given the paper this AM that N. carried home in the bottom of his shoe. It stunk and was worn from being walked on. I could not even make out the line to sign my name!

4. Today I have to make that dreaded trip to the grocery store because my house has literally NO FOOD except a gallon of milk, ice tea, peach fruit cups, questionable orange juice, and condiments(not counting some rock solid frozen meat and fish in the freezer). I am also out of horse feed and will need to pick up about 8 sacks of Equine Senior while I am in town, then unload them. Usually no biggie but today I just do not feel like doing it!

5. Over Memorial Day weekend, I am meeting my oldest sister, my nephew and his family in St. Louis MO for a little vacation. Me, hubby, and our 2 boys are driving up. My 12yo N. is going back up North with them because he likes to spend his summers up there, he has since he was a toddler and my family up there is full of some great and interesting people. MI in the summer is the best place on this planet! Hubby and I will drive up and collect him in July. Needless to say, I have a huge list of preparations to make before our trip that is a week away and havent accomplished one of these tasks yet! My car needs serviced, Father-in-law needs animal care instructions, blah blah...

6. One of my teeth is starting to ache. Its turned from a small minor pain to a huge sharp shooting one. Its on a tooth that was chipped in my car accident but wasnt damaged to the point of needing capped. I looked at it in the mirror and it looks normal but I am sure underneath it has flames shooting thru it. I have to make a dentist appointment and I HATE the dentist. I'd rather give birth again, literally.

Well, its already 9:40 am and I have accomplished sh*t today. So, I better publish this and get my ass in high gear. Maybe after I chug-a-lug a full strength Coke, Ill have a brighter outlook on the world.....or I could just take one of these

anyone know where I can get some?


Blogger Kyahgirl said...

Hang in there buddy. Its hard raising little kids. I totally relate to the potty training thing too.

I you find the Fuckitol retailer, please pass on the info to the rest of us!:-)

9:58 AM  
Blogger Tara's World said...

The muffins were laced with benydril (sp?) and pot.. hmmmmm it was you! j/k

I told my 14yob and 12g and 17g that I was taking them to the country to meet an awesome woman and her brood.. they were so stoked. We will really have to talk about this more, would love to meet ya

10:17 AM  
Blogger Cowgirl said...

St Louis, eh? I'm only a coupla hours from there!

Hang in there.

10:35 AM  
Blogger brian said...

I apologize for my laughing remarks yesterday. I can see you are working hard and am a great mother.
I'm sorry.

11:53 AM  
Blogger BarnGoddess said...

Kyahgirl-this potty training thing was a cinch son #1 but son #2 is really being difficult. I asked my druggest about the 'fukitol' pills he had no idea what I was talking about, dammit!

tara-shhhhh your giving out my secret muffin recipe! lol, c'mon down to Okla, come during Calvacade, you'll have a blast.

Cowgirl-yeppers, St.Louis is our meeting spot. We try to meet atleast 1X ayear to hang out and stuff. They are coming all the way from N.MI a lot further than us, but they arent toting a 2yo w/ them either! 2 years ago we met in Indianapolis, cool city. Hard to navigate tho, but its just probly me, I know St.Louey like the back of my hand ;) we outta hook it up and party one nite~

brian-no need to apologize. It is halarious and all in my days work! besides today I feel like being a bitch and as a woman isint that my right? : ))

2:06 PM  
Blogger Kari said...

It's gotta be something in the air today, I was up an hour earlier that usual. I'm cranky too, but not as much as you are. ;)

Oh, and share the fuckitol pill when you get some!

2:23 PM  
Blogger BarnGoddess said...

kari-its not even a full moon, either. Ill certainly share the 'fukitol' pills if I ever get some, Im all about sharing the wealth!

2:36 PM  
Blogger brian said...

Thanks BG, I just forget what having friends is like. Going home soon, see you tomorrow.

4:07 PM  
Blogger Brian Kastel said...

Happy Mothers' Day wore off so quickly! Here's another dose for ya:

Happy Mothers' Day, BarnGoddess!


4:13 PM  

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