Monday, May 15, 2006

FBI: 122 Police Officers Killed in 2005

The FBI has released the latest in police officers deaths. I do not know about you but this scares me. 122 offficers were killed in the line of duty in 2005-2 less than 2004. 55 of these deaths were intentional. In my opinion, 1 officer killed is ONE too MANY. But, I know that is not how the world works and people know when they take the job, what the dangers of this kind of work are. I have family and friends who are police officers. My oldest niece K., a mother to a 2 yo son and a brand new baby boy is an officer, and her husband K. is an officer as well......just to mention 2 people I care about about.

50 officers shot intentionally: 34 officers were wearing body armor, handguns were used to kill 42 officers, 5 were shot with shotguns and 3 with rifles. 6 officers were killed with their own weapons.
Vehicles were used in five officers deaths as weapons.

The FBI said that authorities solved all the killings. These happened here:
28 officers were killed in the South.
10 in the Midwest.
10 in the West.
5 in the Northeast
2 in Puerto Rico.

There were 67 accidential deaths of officers in 2005. This number is 15 less than last year.

10,000 state, local and tribal law enforcement agencies submitted the information for the FBI's study. The FBI publishes final numbers in the fall.

This is my opinion only, but I feel that anyone who intentionally kills a police officer deserves the Death Penalty, no matter what state they live in.


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