Thursday, May 11, 2006


Late yesteday afternoon the clouds broke up and out came the sun. It really brightened up my mood. I pulled on my Muck Boots and accomplished a few chores. The horses water trough needed a good cleaning. I had purposefully let it get low for this reason. I tackled that quickly, it seems that I wash it once a week so I am pretty adept in my tackling it with speed. Of course, the entire time I was doing this task, my old guy was standing over me. Occassionally he'd rest his muzzle on the small of my back as I was bent over scrubbing, or he would try to run off with my scrubbing brush. After I was satisfied with my job well done, I filled it to the top with fresh H20. Scooter took a deep drink then like any other loving horse, gave me a big, wet nuzzle of thanks.

My 2yo and his daddy made a short trip to the dump with some junk and yard clutter that was left over from last summer. I groomed Scooter and let him in the yard to roam around some. I jumped on him bareback with his halter and lead-rope, we rode down our short lane. 8yo A. from the roundup club was leading her brown and white pony down the road, we waited for her to pass by our lane so we could visit. I asked her why she was leading her pony. She informed me her pony had just had her hooves trimmed and was a bit sore, so she wasnt going to ride for 2-3 days. Her pony looked okay to me, infact, the plump brown and white pony looked very healthy. But, I was not going second guess A., after all-no one else knows my horse as well as I do. I complimented her pony on her purple halter, a gift from me that I picked up at a garage sale. It was a few dollars well spent! She was in a rush because the church bus coming to pick up her up, it was also picking up my 12 for his youth group meeting. He likes going to this church, its not Catholic, but I could care less, he has an interest in good things and being a good person, he can attend the church of his choice. I watched A. lead Pepper away. Just about that time, hubby and son #2 returned from thier excursion. Hubby was desperately wanting/needing a shower, so he went inside while our 2 yo and I hung out outside. We snapped some pictures.
This is a rabbit thats been hanging about. S. was tickled to see it hopping around until he got alittle too loud, then little rabbit scampered off.

We were going to see "A T.rex Named Sue" in Norman, OK a few hours drive, but since the weekend weather looks nice, were going to stay home, possibly..oh no please no... camp out. We'll go see "A T.rex Named Sue" next weekend when our area and surrounding communities are invaded (literally) by bikers from all over the USA for MAYFIT . Ive attended this function before, and all I'll say is ummm wow. Its hosted by Osage County Independent Bikers.


Blogger Cowgirl said...

Getting slimed by your horse is so enjoyable. I seem to get the green from eating grass lovins the favorite is the big sneeze that sends horsey snot all over...

Nice pics.

11:25 AM  
Blogger brian said...

Cows and Ponies and Wabbits, Oh, My!
It happens to be raining today, the same rain that you got a couple of days ago.

12:14 PM  
Blogger BarnGoddess said...

cowgirl-dontcha just love those little brown/green dots all over after a horsey achooo? my horse is a foamer, as I call it. When hes anxious at feeding time, he wags his tongue out and works his jaws until he is all green and foamy. people think hes having a seizure! and when he has his bit in his mouth, its really bad. I have a long shank 3 pc broke curb(low port) with a small copper roller bit that I like riding him in, he does excellent in it.

brian-enjoy the rain! I hope you get all you need : ) its sunny and windy today, a lovely day, everything is drying up slowly.

12:35 PM  
Blogger display name said...

I love going to the dump. Always have. Load 'em up and head on out. I love the giant conveyor belt for metal items and furniture - and I love the big piles of - well - whatever - that the seagulls sit on. There is something magical about the dump.

My boss has a family of groundhogs living in his back yard. The pictures are so cute - i love little critters. We have wabbbits as well. I always had wabbits growing up.

I love your pictures. So soothing for the tatterd mind!

5:07 AM  
Blogger BarnGoddess said...

: ) ground hogs are cute!

4:33 PM  

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