Tuesday, May 09, 2006

More Craziness

Today my 2 1/2 yo, S., and I are going to his toddler reading group at the local library. We took a break from this activity a couple of months ago. Mainly because 9 kool-aid and cookie hyped 1-3 year old toddlers was more than I could handle, even for the short 30-45 minutes the allotted story hour allowed. So, hoping my son has become more 'self-controlled' and hoping my nerves can handle it, we are attending today. S. can be the sweetest most adorable 2 yo on this planet. I love it when he jumps up on my lap for a hug and wraps his tiny arms around my neck and just holds on for dear life. Hugging him like this just reminds me of all the good things in the world and just how small and vulnerable he really is.......even if he is hell on supercharged wheels. Like, lets say for example, last week at my Republican Party's Luncheon and the temporary small daycare provided off to a small room. I could hear S. shouting his newly learned 4-letter word for all to hear. Of course, all my my conservative friends knew who the little heathen child belonged to. If there would have been a hole in that awful colored maroon carpet, I would have disappeared into it.

My 12 yo son is being stalked. Thanks to his buddy who gave out N.'s numbers, Ive had to block 3 phone numbers from our home phones, and his cell phone. 2 sisters who were origionally from our area but moved away with thier mother when thier parents divorced awhile back, but just to a small community south of ours. Only a 15-20 minute drive. Anyhow, they come to our area for weekend visits with thier father. They were here last weekend and rode thier bikes repeatedly by our home. We have a circle drive a ways off the road, so they could not get too close without actually going thru either gate. But, the fact that they rode thier bikes all the way to our place in the rain, that fact is craziness! Last fall, they were in the bleachers at N.'s home-football games cheering him on, even tho they do not attend his school, At the time, I thought"wow, how supportive" even tho N. was livid about thier attendance. Well, last nite, I was picking N. up from golf practice and who do I see cruising by the parking lot? Those 2 sisters, a friend, and thier cousin who has a newly acquired drivers license! I forgot to add, these 2 stalkers are 12 and 14 yo.....I really like thier father, hes a decent guy and I do not want to have to 'mention' this situation to him. As far as thier mother is concerned, she probably gave them gas money to do this craziness! My 12 yo has an upcoming band concert next week, he has been practicing his trumpet every nite now for darn near a week. I'll be glad when his concert is over! Frankly, I am secretly thrilled he is not going to pursue this 'band thing' in junior high, he and I both agree, music isint his best skill. But, on a happier note, his elementary principle has set up a meeting for N, me, his father, and N.'s junior high academic advisor just before school is released for summer so we can get N. into advanced math and science classes for the gifted and talented program! Only 3 other kids in his grade will be at the meetings, so this is a huge deal for my boy. I am proud!


Blogger brian said...

Your sons sound great. Especially your 2yr old, expanding his vocabulary at such a young age, you must be so proud. Next stop, rock-n-roll singer. As for being stalked. It is very creepy how young girls can feel that this is appropriate behavior. Nothing wrong with being friends, but it sounds like they are trying to cut him out of the herd.
Sounds like he is a smart kid, keep up the good work.
Thanks for the props

11:27 AM  
Blogger BarnGoddess said...

rockNroll singer? quite possibly, altho I am HOPING for big academic things for my littlest too...I am guilty, I know he heard the 4-letter word from me...I am trying to clean up my vocab but old habits die hard, dangit! my 12 yo has friends that are girls,but as he says'cool girls'. most are cheerleaders but also participate in sports, all his friends are sports fanatics like my son, oh well it keeps him outta trouble! He runs (literally) from his 2 stalkers..poor kid! I tol dhim Id protect him.

11:36 AM  

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