Saturday, April 29, 2006

Send In The Cavalry

Cavalry Crossing a Ford
By Walt Whitman

A line in long array, where they wind betwixt green islands;
They take a serpentine course—their arms flash in the sun—Hark to the musical clank;
Behold the silvery river—in it the splashing horses, loitering, stop to drink; Behold the brown-faced men—each group, each person, a picture—the negligent rest on the saddles;
Some emerge on the opposite bank—others are just entering the ford—while,
Scarlet, and blue, and snowy white,
The guidon flags flutter gaily in the wind.
The Cavalry, I like them immensely. Anyone who has ever rode a horse, be it an accomplished equestrianne or just an average trail rider, knows how much skill it takes to shoot a firearm from the back of a galloping horse, and be accurate.
The United States Cavalry was a horse-mounted force that existed between 1775 and 1942. Obviously, modern man, as modern as could be in 1942 decided The Cavalry was no longer needed....
I still think doing away with the U.S. Cavalry was a big mistake. Even if my ancestors may have fought against the Cavalry, I still think they were one of the best parts of our U.S. Military. Especially the brave horses. My favorite part of the movie 'Dances With Wolves' is the beginning showing the Cavalry fighting and the horse "Sysco's" famous last stand. I am partial to Sysco, even tho he is a buckskin, my horse reminds me of Sysco.
Hmmm, its been awhile since Ive watched 'Dances With Wolves'. I wonder if my 12 yo and his friend will opt for a DVD rental instead of trekking to the next biggest town over and watching Robin Williams in the new movie 'RV'.....
I had better gas up the car, besides, I need a manicure in a BAD way....


Blogger Cowgirl said...

If the US still had a calvary, I would be in it. Instead of flying around in damn shitnooks, er chinooks.

Oh, and it is not easy to ride a horse fast and shoot a weapon, let alone hit your mark.

Plain Justin Bar played Cisco, and he has a sister named Plain Jane Bar.

12:21 PM  
Blogger BarnGoddess said...

Thnx for giving me the names. They were at the Tulsa Fair one year, I think '92 coulda been '93.....

5:34 PM  
Blogger BarnGoddess said...

it really is HARD to shoot a gun from the back of a galloping horse, cant imagne a bow and arrow either.

{giggle} some people I see riding do good just to not fall off thier horse...

5:37 PM  

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