Saturday, June 17, 2006


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This morning's scene at my house:
Time: 7:30 am.
What I am doing: sorting laundry, frying bacon, washing blueberries, loading the dishwasher, saving some of Husband's work data to a floppy for him to take to the Tulsa office (2nd time I have done this, the first floppy became damaged when left out in the sun for several hours),..... answering the phone, chasing Toddler Terror down who has ran outside onto the front porch with a can of air-freshner while he is wearing nothing but a t-shirt and a pull-up that looks suspiciously full of pee.
What husband is doing: laying on the couch hypnotized by Sponge Bob.
As I race thru the living room to catch Toddler Terror before he sprays the air freshner into his eye, I give hubby my best narrow eyed, pissed off look. He just so happens to catch it and says all innocently "what?" I wrestle Toddler Terror back indoors, confiscate the spray can, and march him off to his bedroom to get dressed, all while making a detour to the kitchen to turn the bacon and hang up the phone. As I am walking down the hallway to the bedroom, I hear a faint "but, I love you" from hubby who still hasnt budged his ass from the couch. Okay, maybe I am being bitchy because those who know my husband personally know he is not lazy, far from it, he is the kind of guy who is always doing something, usually outside, he isint much on laying around and lounging. Maybe that is the reason I resent it when he does seldomly camp out on the couch. But, I am doing all those things at once for a reason, I want to get outdoors and something done before another round of thunder storms and rain rolls in. Oh yeah, my saturday is shaping up just fine.....the liquer store opens at 10 am. "domus dulcis domus" (home sweet home)

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Yesterday I had the honor of being guest blogger over at brian's. Check it out. He has written some great sestina's for your reading pleasure, and you can read about Chippewa culture I posted. Then stop by An Audience of One , place of my friend brian #2, he has a excellent summary of his weeks good reads posted, and I made the list! "Velis et Remis" (go for it!)

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One statement always made to me "you never reveal much about yourself" so heres a list of 31 things about me you may not know.

1. I have a clean driving record
2.I tend to go thru manic spells, where I accomplish a lot
3.I like darkness as much as I like the daylight
4.I have never been afraid of the dark
5.I found a dead body that was dumped in the woods, a murdered 17 yo girl, I was 10 yo
6.I do not sleep much
7.I have 2 college degrees
8.I took 2nd in the State of Oklahoma at the Phi Beta Lambda in "impromptu speech" contest in OKC, proving I can talk a good line of believable BS
9.I was voted 'class rebel' my senior year of high school
10.I graduated 5th in my class
11.I hold grudges for a very long time
12.I do not trust people
13.I do not like emotional people, they make me uncomfortable
14.When I hug my boys, I always smell them
15.I have 2 favorite scents in the world 1. my kids 2. horses, my old guy in particular
16.I love popcorn, any kind, cooked any way
17.I almost died once Mortality
18. I lost my social butterfly ways and became a homebody in my 30's
19.I love to read
20.I do not watch much TV
21.Birds and spiders creep me out
22.I really, really miss smoking
23.I sleep with my head under the covers
24.I could easily be an alcoholic
25.I do not go to cemetarys to 'pay respects'
26.I have money in the bank
27.I have no mercy for people who prey on weaker individuals: sex offenders, child abusers, and the usual list of human sewege
28.I like taking tests, have always been good at them
29.I work best under pressure or a deadline
30.I think our Government and Judicial system is screwed up and has been for many years
31.I still support President Bush

I have more but Ill save those for a later date. Y'all enjoy your saturday.


Blogger Kyahgirl said...

Hi Barngoddess-I enjoyed your post at Brian's yesterdy, just didn't get a chance to get over here and tell you.

I can relate to the resentment you feel. sometimes it feels like you're whirling dervish and the world is standing still around you with a baffled look upon its face.

I liked reading your list. We have a lot in common!

1:47 PM  
Blogger Jack's Shack said...

Sounds like you have had an interesting life.

2:06 PM  
Blogger Jack's Shack said...

Sounds like you have had an interesting life.

2:06 PM  
Blogger BarnGoddess said...

kyahgorl-how ya been? glad your stopped by, I know your a busy
woman. 'whirling dervish'--thats exactly how I feel, you couldnt have worded it more perfect!

Jack- yep, Ive lived a very interesting and unique life for all of my 37 years

10:42 PM  

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