Saturday, April 08, 2006

Ford's Real Mustangs

Ford lends hand to wild mustangs
Ford Motor Company, that makes the famous Mustang car, is giving its support to a program to help older wild horses being held in captivity.

Ford is offering up to $200,000 in a program to help increase the number of older wild horses being adopted into new homes.

The company will pay approved horse rescue groups $100 for each older horse bought through the US Bureau of Land Management.

The BLM oversees the wild horses that still roam the West.

It has an adoption scheme for horses aged under 10, having found that few people are interested in taking on horses over that age.

The BLM has more than 8000 older wild horses for sale, each costing about $500 a year to care for.

Ford is want the money to persuade some sanctuaries already considering buying some of the wild horses, but they acknowledge the money will go only a small way towards the cost of caring for a horse.

The BLM regularly rounds up wild horses in a bid to keep the population stable, reduce the risk of overgrazing and food shortages, and to protect sensitive areas. It has a total of 26,000 horses in captivity.

Ford's involvement came about when it was discovered a man from Oklahoma bought some horses under a lie and then intended to send them on to slaughter, which is against BLM laws. Ford intervened and bought the 52 horses to save them from death.

This is a super story. Ford is doing such a good thing helping the older wild horses to be more adoptable. True-people are looking for healthy, young, horses to buy. Many do not want to take the extra time in caring for an older horse. But, people might not realize they do not need that much more care. Also, the BLM does not auction off sick or lame horses. The wild horses are in good health. The few wild mustangs I have had the pleasure to be around, ones bought from the BLM by people I know, are excellent horses. Suprisingly gentle, easily trainable, and extremely smart. Not to mention hardy animals.

I also really really LOVE the mustang car. When I was car shopping last summer/fall, I wanted to buy a new Ford Mustang so bad I was beside myself. But, all who know my hubby, S. is a chevy man. So guess what he bought me? a chevy. Oh well, its new, its a very nice car, and I do like it, even tho its not a mustang.