Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Honey, Suprise I'm Home

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingYumm, beef! Its whats for dinner! Honestly, I have never, ever felt guilty about eating this creatures. Look at this pic, like they've never seen a human before, duh. I think they were put on Earth for the sole purpose of our nutrition. Those weird cultures that worship cattle are crazy, in my opinion.

Lastnite I was able to get over to best friend L.'s new home on 20 acres. She is now just under 4 mi from my home and on back roads that are all blacktop. Yay! Her driveway needs a bit of work tho. Hubby showed up at home early from work about 5 pm. I was a little suprised to see him pulling into the driveway while I was outside messing with the horses. Toddler terror was still taking his nap-he didnt fall asleep until 4 pm, a little later than usual. Anyhow, some work equipment broke and hubby drove up to Tulsa to get a replacement part, then drove the rest of 60 mi home. He coulda called....what if I'd have been misbehaving? So, hubby AND toddler terror accompanied me out to L.'s. We all had a nice visit. S. and T. (L.'s boyfriend of 10yrs) drank red-beer: tomato juice and beer. Toddler terror ran around with the pups and 3 tiny baby kittens someone gave L. because she had a mouse in her new barn.
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingMy horses have been so dirty this week. What is the deal?! As soon as I get them groomed, fly sprayed, and looking half way decent, they go and do this:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hostinggrrrrrrrrrr! I think they do it on purpose too....

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting In the news yesterday, was a story about an honest woman who lives in Tulsa. Teresa Stiles was pumping gas at 193rd and Elm in Broken Arrow, OK when she saw a cash box fall out of a Brinks Armored truck as it drove by. She was afraid a car would hit it, so as soon as it was clear, she ran into the road, and picked it up. She couldn't find a phone number on the box, so she took it to Broken Arrow Police. The cash box contained $40,000! When I saw this story, I thought omg, I'd have had to look inside. Finders Keepers, right? But then after hubby and I were talking more about it, we both decided that if it had happened to us, we would most likely return it, but then again we both said, who knows what anyone would really do until it happens to them.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingHere is a story you dont hear much: female softball Coach Accused Of Molestation. It appears in Duncan, OK a softball coach is charged with molesting 1 of her players over a 4 month time frame. Sicko Trudy Gayle Henderson is charged with 4 counts of rape by instrumentation, 2 counts of forcible sodomy,2counts of lewd or indecent proposal to a child under age 16 and 3 counts of enticing a child under the age of 16 to a secluded place. 43yo Henderson is released on $100,000 bond. Investigators said members of the girl's family approached police with suspicions that Henderson was making inappropriate contacts with the girl. Usually it is the male coaches that make the news, but obviously it happens with female coaches too.

Shuckee darn, Oprah was in Tulsa over the weekend and I missed her..... Most of the time she irritates the hell outta me but there are those few and far between times when she actually has something worthwhile to say or does something nice, like charity or help catching sex offenders. While in Tulsa it appears Oprah visited two Tulsa wedding receptions. Leaving gifts of dishes and taking footage to be shown in Sept. '06.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting I have a lot of work waiting for me today. Some laundry, paperwork, fence fixing, hard-mouthed, cue-less horse to be rode, and toddler terror's library trip I promised at a weak moment earlier this week. I'd much rather get my nails done and then catch some rays by the kiddie pool, but not today.......sigh.......maybe tomorrow.


Blogger brian said...

Aniin Barngoddess,

Doesn't he know that all husbands have to give at least 1/2 hour warnings? I hope he made it up to you ;).

Aaniin ezhi-bimaadiziyan, niijii? You sound very tired and worn out, a nice vacation in Florida sounds good right about now doesn't it. lol.

Just came back from lunch, Moooooo! I don't have a problem with anyone eating beef, just with people who think that it appears magically in the stores.

We had a male softball coach down here who was having sex with two 14 yr olds at the same time.

I'm honest, honest!

Amiigwech for the nice comments, I know you always do, but still, warm fuzzies are nice. Did you read the poem too Cowgirl, and Kyahgirl?

Have a good day, try to have some fun with toddler terror, before you know it, high school.

12:29 PM  
Blogger Dreaming again said...

you know, I would have been so ticked off it Oprah had shown up at my wedding!

the day was supposed to be about me, and my husband, and our love for each other ..and I saw the news footage became about Oprah and what a great person she was for giving the gifts she gave ... ugh!

I saw the woman giving the money back, I was far more impressed with her than oprah crashing the weddings!

1:50 PM  
Blogger BarnGoddess said...

brian-aniin! blogger has some issues today, eh? you were so right when you stated I needed a vacation, FL isint off my list either. I hope your wednesday was good, tomorrow even better!

dreaming again-I didnt see the footage just read the story on the net, but I totally agree w/ you. I would have been so PO'd if she showed up at my wedding, unless she was giving a present like a new home or BMW! heehee

7:02 PM  

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